Tight Wad in Utah: Submit a LOW Entry Giveaway

Submit a LOW Entry Giveaway

Hello!  I hope submitting your giveaways here is helpful!  Please allow 48 hours for it to be added to the list.  However before I post the daily list I do check for submittals ending on that day so all that are submitted are included.  Feel free to add giveaways that end in over a week.   I will post it when it has a week left, assuming it is still LOW.  I do not update the list on Sundays and rarely on Saturdays after 10 am MST. :)

Name of Blog - Giveaway Item - Date Ending
example: Tight Wad in Utah - $25 Target GC - 12/20
example: Tight Wad in Utah - Juppy Baby Walker, 2 Win - 12/20

PLEASE use appropriate capitalization, spaces, dashes as shown in examples and be sure to submit the correct ending date.  THANK YOU!!

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