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Showing posts from November 10, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Thomas & Friends: Santa's Little Engine DVD! -CLOSED-

Winner Thomas & Friends: Santa's Little Engine  is a new fun Christmas DVD for Thomas fans!  Hard to go wrong with Thomas AND Santa. :)  As always these episodes are full of problem solving and lessons about friendship.  The Christmas theme is also fun even though my son couldn't get over the fact that Thomas looked like a reindeer. :) SYNOPSIS: Ho Ho Ho! Thomas is full steam ahead as a Really Useful Reindeer, saving the day by guiding Santa’s sleigh straight to the Sodor Christmas celebration! When snowfall transforms the island of Sodor into a winter wonderland, Thomas discovers that being safe is the best route to holiday fun. Percy makes everyone’s Christmas wishes come true and Gordon discovers his friends’ special skills are the gifts that keep on giving, all year long! Thomas delivers the true spirit of the season as Santa’s Little Engine!  EPISODES: · “Santa's Little Engine” · “No Snow for Thomas” · “Frozen Turntable” · “T

HP Ink Challenge - Week 5

This is the last week for the HP Ink Challenge.  For 5 weeks now I've tried out HP ink and refill ink to see how they compare.  For me, installing both inks was pretty straight forward.  I printed about the same amount of prints from each printer, maybe a little more with the HP ink, and now every time I print with the refill printer I get a "low ink" warning.  HP ink is definitely lasting longer and has been high quality from the beginning.  The refill ink is good, but shows streaking and less vibrant colors.  I'm not sure I would notice it as much without a side by side comparison.  If I had something important I needed to print I would have definitely noticed.  HP ink is more reliable than the refill ink and I guess that is why it's more expensive. :)  Sometimes you really get what you pay for. I printed for the last time the same 5 documents to see how they compare to week 1.  The HP prints look exactly the same to me as the first prints.  I didn't se

Mustache Earrings $0.25 Shipped!

These Mustache Earrings  are selling for $0.25 shipped on Amazon!  Great stocking stuffer!  I started Christmas shopping a little yesterday and ended up giving the "presents" to my kids already…sheesh.