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HP Ink Challenge Week 3

This week is about Quality and Quantity so I printed a lot of documents and brochures.  I created two stacks of the printed brochures.  One stack for prints good enough for clients and the other for prints in need of discarding or a reprint. The HP ink was all good enough for a client, whereas the Refill ink was hit and miss.  Most showed streaking and the colors weren't as vivid. The bottom picture is the one from the refill ink.  You can see a line running through the blue writing.  The HP ink looked solid and much like the online image.   I also printed the same documents that I printed the first 2 weeks of the challenge.  The HP ink looks the same in week 3 as in week 1.  The refill ink like I said above is less vivid and streaky.  I also get an error message every once in awhile on the refill ink printer saying I have counterfeit ink…and it said that my ink was low already!  The HP ink printer has neither problem. I received two free HP Deskjet 3510