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REVIEW: Veggietales MacLarry and The Stinky Cheese Battle!

We had a VeggieTales movie night to test out the new release: MacLarry & The Stinky Cheese Battle ! In keeping with other VeggieTales titles this one is a crowd pleaser!  I especially like the "Barber-barians" lol  It's fun for the kids and adults watching.   Veggietales has a way of making their shows enjoyable for all ages. Which I really like because its much easier to have discussions with my kids about the show when I watch it.  Some shows they like I can't stand to sit through, so if I sit down to watch something with them I'll always choose VeggieTales first :):) Check out the trailer here: In our movie night the kids started out with Veggietales coloring pages and then we broke out the popcorn!  My daughters favorite part of the movie were the songs.  She sings them in the bathroom now :)  I highly recommend this new DVD.  It's a new family favorite and a great lesson about getting along with others!  You can keep up with new releases

GIVEAWAY: Shabby Apple Dress! -CLOSED-

Winner Shabby Apple sells dresses, swimwear, vintage clothing , shoes...and more!  The Whistlestop dress above is on sale for $44! (regular price $88)  Here are some dresses I like from the selected dresses one of you could win! One reader will win one of the following dresses from Shabby Apple!! US only Snapdragon,  Heart of Me,  Dressage,  Grand National,  Hackney,  Captain, Admiral,  Cut the Cake,  At last,  At first site,  My vow to you,  Maid of honor, Together forever,  Ever after,  Save the date,  Moon River,  Ski Bop,  Some like it Hot,  Tiber,  Andes Skirt,  Jetty Skirt,  Ballerina,  Nantucket,  Boogie Woogie, Marigold Skirt,  Lime Ricki Skirt,  Park Picnic Skirt,  Hully Gully Skirt,  Newcomb Skirt. a Rafflecopter giveaway

REVIEW: Whistlefritz Spanish DVD's for Kids!

Whistlefritz is a fun way for kids to learn Spanish!  I haven't tried the whole program, but I got to show my kids La Fiesta de Fritzi and they loved it.  They think the mouse is funny and they really liked the teacher!   She talks slow and clearly...I learned some Spanish too. My kids also enjoyed the songs.  They are catchy and easy to sing along to.  I have tried lots of Spanish DVDs for kids and this one is a new favorite.   I usually have the problem of one kid liking it and the other one won't.  Whistlefritz is a favorite for them both!! From the website  The Educator’s Collection includes : Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids: A progressive curriculum of 40 reproducible lessons that engage children in a diverse array of interactive, age-appropriate activities, authored by educators Theresa Daleo-Stock, Silvia Goncalves Holman and Krista Hope Lambert with a Foreword by Professors Sarah Hudelson and Karen Smith of Arizona State University Spanish for Kids DV