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GIVEAWAY: doTERRA Intro to Essentials Oils Kit! -CLOSED-

Winner Three of my favorite oils in 1 kit!!  The doTERRA Intro to Essential Oils Kit contains 5ml bottles of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint.  Also included is an introductory audio CD and booklet that contains uses of these oils.  I have been using Peppermint for a long time now.  When I get a headache I put it on my temples, or wherever it aches and it goes away.  And you also smell good :)  You can also apply it to your stomach or feet to calm indigestion or an upset stomach. I also use it along with Breathe to open up my sinuses when I have allergies. I love putting a couple drops of Lemon in my water!  Plus it is good for -removing gum, label adhesives, and greasy substances from fabric -mood elevation -soothing a sore throat -neutralize odors, and more... Lavender has the best smell!  You can use it for calming a bee sting or bug bite, soothe sunburbed skin,  and calm diaper rash.  I used it to relieve dry lips!  You just apply it under lip balm.  Worked grea