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GIVEAWAY: Piczzle Picture Puzzle! -CLOSED-

Winner My kids LOVE puzzles!!  Since we moved recently and my kids have been missing their friends I chose a picture of them and all of their friends at my son's birthday party last year.  When I gave them the puzzle I just gave them the pieces without them seeing what picture it was.  They were so excited when they realized it was a puzzle of their friends! :)   My young kids tested out the quality of this puzzle to the max.  They will be able to put this one together for a very long time.  I highly recommend picture puzzles from Piczzle as a unique gift for anyone.  oooooooo..Mother's day is coming up!! :) There are also a lot of options, from shape, size, and number of pieces!  They even have round and heart-shaped puzzles!  They are fully customizable with borders you can choose from if you want.  Also you can get anywhere from 6 to 2000 piece puzzles. Piczzle Picture Puzzle service is an Internet-based retailing and manufacturing service of Custom Jigsaw Photo

GIVEAWAY: Bottle of Krill Oil! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Have you heard of Krill Oil?  Viva Labs Krill Oil provides 54X the antioxidant power than regular fish oil.  I remember getting a teaspoon of cod liver oil when I was a kid, I learned to like the taste even :)  But this Krill oil is in capsule form that you take twice a day.  Fish actually get the good stuff from Krill so by taking Krill oil you cut out the middle man...the fish :)  Watch the video below for more explanation. These capsules are easy to take and they have been easy to remember to take since I've considered the benefits below, and I ain't gettin any younger :)  I haven't had any tests taken to see the before and after effects of this oil on me, but I have noticed a big boost in energy! Here are the Benefits of High Quality Krill Oil : -Lower your risks of cardiovascular ‘incidents’ by up to 45% -Eliminate as much as 55% of artery clogging LDL cholesterol -Minimize dangerous triglycerides up to 27% -Reduce menacing heart inflammation as mu

GIVEAWAY: Sea Buckthorn Daytime Facial Cream! -CLOSED-

Winner I have a great giveaway for you!!  One reader will win a bottle of Sea Buckthorn Daytime Facial Cream!!  I have been using this for the past couple weeks and have loved it!  Besides the benefits listed below, it smells amazing!!  Sibu Beauty is also a locally based in Salt Lake City, Utah! -Promotes tissue recover and healing Rejuvenates sun damaged skin -Protects against environmental stress -Preserves healthy skin tone and texture -Boosts collagen production -Great benefits from the Omega 7 , which is found in the sea buckthorn berry, the key ingredient in all Sibu Beauty products, in addition to the more common Omega's 3, 6, and 9. All four of these are critical in providing cellular support for healthy skin, hair and nails. a Rafflecopter giveaway US and Canada Only. Winner can not have won a previous Sibu giveaway.