Tight Wad in Utah: Utah Kids Club Membership for $7.99 + 2 FREE Kids Meal Certificates!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Utah Kids Club Membership for $7.99 + 2 FREE Kids Meal Certificates!!

Guest Post by Utah Kids Club

Families, This Just IN!! Utah Kids Club is your answer to Summer Fun (And Spring Break!!) Get discounts everywhere you want to go!

Cowabunga Bay, Seven Peaks, Cherry Hill, Living Planet Aquarium, Fat Cats, Mulligans, Hollywood Connection, Bee's Baseball, Treehouse Museum, Ogden Dinosaur Park, Ogden Union Station, I Fly, Flowrider, IRock, Jump N Bounce, Kangaroo Zoo, Jump On It, WAIRHouse Trampolines, Get Air, Airborne, Trafalga, Laser Assault, Red Butte Garden, Hogle Zoo, Tracy Aviary, Scera Theatre, Off Broadway. ...the list goes on and on!

No more going to the same place over and over. With Utah Kids Club you get 1 FAMILY Membership and can go where you want, when you want Plus you get 2 FREE Kids Meal Certificates each month! 

Get Rid Of Bored and Get a Utah Kids Club membership!! Right now, with our exclusive code, you can get the $12.00 Family Membership for only $7.99!!  Go to and click JOIN, use coupon code "save0211" That's 1 Family Membership (to ALL the fun places) And 2 FREE Kids Meal Certificates for 7.99 with coupon code "save0211"

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