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Do you know your State Capitals? I kinda

I just took the Smarterer Capitals Quiz  and reached Proficient level!  Pure miracle since I guessed on a few. ;):)  Let me know if you do better!!  (shouldn't be too hard to beat my   Note: This post contains an affiliate link, thanks for supporting this site!   Read Disclosure policy here .

Find it on Etsy GIVEAWAY: Romantic Art Life Hairpiece! (US/CAN) -CLOSED-

Review By Aimee Winner Anastasiya, the creative artist from Romantic Art Life on Etsy 's "biggest wish is to bring Happiness and Joy to people through (her) artwork."  I think you'll agree you've found happiness when you take the time to look through Romantic Art Life 's colorful shop; you're sure to find something that will make your look stand out from the rest, whether it be for your wedding, friends wedding, or to sass up your own wardrobe. Many of these hair accessories would be adorable for your little girl! Romantic Art Life has beautiful (can't use that word enough here) Headbands, Hair pins, Clips/Wedding Clips, Wrist Corsages, and Dress Sashes. All of the flower accessories "can be made in a different color and can be attached to a clip, a hair pin, head wrap, or headband." Its nice to have a shop like Romantic Art Life to have such flexibility, especially when planning a wedding, or even trying to match the perfect ac

Win $50,000 from American Family! Plus weekly and monthly giveaways!

Enter to win $50,000 with American Family !  I used to not enter big giveaways but since trying them out I have won 2 BIG prizes!  It's worth it to me when it only takes a minute. :)  Good luck!! To enter you sign up and will be kept in the loop to win weekly and monthly prizes as well!  I've been signed up with American Family for a month now and have enjoyed their newsletters full of recipes, coupons..etc. Note: This post contains an affiliate link, thanks for supporting this site!   Read Disclosure policy here .

FREE Box of Plum Kids Product!

Go to the Plum Kids Facebook Page , fill out mailing info and they will send you a FREE Plum Kids box!  It comes in the form of a free product coupon that you can use where they sell the product. (Target, Babies R Us and Safeway) Thank you Freebie Blogger !

Perfectly Posh Body Slather Giveaway ends TONIGHT!

The Body Slather from Perfectly Posh ends TONIGHT!!

The Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure! FREE Printable Coloring Book & Giveaways!

The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure is a new movie that is coming to a theater near you on August 29th!  What is different about this movie is that it's interactive.... In a movie theater!!  I don't know about you but I rarely take my 3 & 4 year old to movies because they won't sit quietly for that long and often times there are scary or inappropriate parts. too hard to get a dancing pic! This movie is ratedGGG with no villains or evil to conquer.  Just a fun time with balloons and obstacles.  What a great idea to have a G rated movie for kids that encourages them to get up and dance, sing, and cheer!  Just the fact that I didn't have to worry about keep my kids quiet or from getting up and down from their seats was LIBERATING! :):) The people behind the Oogieloves really want to create a quality movie experience for kids and I believe they have done it!  The characters are fun and the guest stars were awesome! Watch The Oogieloves Big Balloon A

Find it on Etsy GIVEAWAY: Mystic Orb Hand Carved Necklace! -CLOSED-

Review by Aimee Winner One of the things I love about working with many of the people on Etsy is how "real" these people are.  They are small companies, making their art with their hands, and generally love what they do.  The family of Mystic Orb on Etsy , Jeff, Taryn and Bracken, love the earth, and make beautiful items that are quite raw, earthy, and gorgeous. I have never owned anything hand carved....until now. I received a beautiful hand carved tree necklace for review from Jeff, part of the literal family of Mystic Orb and Wooly Moss Roots on Etsy carved one specifically for this review, and one for the winner of our Mystic Orb giveaway! How cool is that!? Want to win this beauty!? They are both so beautiful in the picture.....but even more gorgeous around your neck.  When I received mine I wore it right away. I like this particular necklace a little shorter than others; this is achieved easily by moving the back of the necklace forward or back.  I must

Stove in a Can Giveaway Ending TONIGHT!

Last day to enter to win a Stove in a Can!  Get the occasional power outages? Have a family you'll need to cook for in an emergency?  Going camping and want to start a fire quick with very little mess??  You'll seriously love this!!!  Good luck!! You can see it in action with more of my pictures here.   We had our kids watching in awe!

Get Great Travel Deals with TravelZoo!

I have heard of so many people getting amazing travel deals!  With the free  TravelZoo Vacation Newsletter you're letting someone else do the searching for you and you just have to look at it!  The email comes once a week and all you do to sign up is enter your email address and then confirm it.  I got my confirmation email within 2 minutes.  Yeah!  I'm excited to go somewhere TravelZoo has been around since 1998 and a lot of the deals sell out! Note: This post contains an affiliate link, thanks for supporting this site!   Read Disclosure policy here .

Stove in a Can Review + Giveaway!

I did a post about the Stove in a Can last week and here are my pictures of us using this awesome invention!!  I was amazed with how fast it boiled water!  It took about 5 minutes!  To start it was as simple as crumbling and clean up was just as easy!  Especially in comparison to building a fire the normal way. This is such a great gift idea!  But only after you get one for yourself.  Whether it's for peace of mind for an emergency or for camping and fun. All you do to start it (after fully reading the instructions of course :)) is crumble up as much as you need of the fuel cell while inside the can and then light it up.  --included are waterproof matches but we used our handy lighter since we were using it at home. Then you put the ring and the lid on and place your pot on top.  Super easy and it was boiling in minutes! This is my son saying "cheese" if you can believe it...  When you're all done you take off the ring and smother the fire with t

GIVEAWAY: The Gruffalo's Child DVD & Book! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner The Gruffalo's Child is just as cute as The Gruffalo!  Both have soothing, beautiful music and are narrated by an all-star cast.  My kids absolutely love this story!  My 2 year old son wants me to read him the book all of the time!  I've never seen him like this with a book...movies sure, but this book must speak to  THEN after I read it to him he wants me to read it again!  I always have to cut him off at one reading per sitting.  I love the story too but come on. The story on the DVD is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter and it starts with the Gruffalo telling his little girl about "The Big Bad Mouse."  This show makes my kids giggle and gasp.  It's 40 minutes long which is a perfect amount of time for me to get the kitchen cleaned. :) DVD Synopsis In The Gruffalo's Child, the Gruffalo tells his child an extraordinary story of “The Big Bad Mouse,” warning her never to go in the woods alone because there is a terrible creature lurking

Giveaway for Funhouse Tshirt ends TONIGHT

The giveaway for a shirt of choice (adult or child) from Funhouse Tshirts ends TONIGHT!

$5 off ANY Purchase at Toys R Us or Babies R Us Coupon!

Toys R Us and is offering a $5 off ANY purchase coupon !  One coupon per guest, exclusions are listed on the coupon.   Valid in-store only and you can also use it at Babies R Us. Instead of printing you can text 5ONUS to 78697 to get the coupon to go to your phone.  I just did it and it came immediately. Thanks  Hip 2 Save !