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REVIEW: VeggieTales the Ultimate Christmas Collection!

My kids were SO excited to see the latest VeggieTales Christmas Collection!  We had seen a couple of them already on Netflix, but it is so great to have them all together so we can watch them each year!  I still remember and LOVE to watch the Christmas shows I saw as a kid and I'm happy that VeggieTales has come out with such worthwhile, cute stories!

You can find The Ultimate Christmas Collection on Amazon for $14.70!  It is SO worth it!  I especially love how the little kids love it for the cute vegetables and the silly songs and as they get older or repeatedly watch them, they begin to understand the great messages taught in each one.  I think I love them just as much as they do!  And I just can't get over how cute Junior Asparagus' voice is. :)
This set contains VeggieTales entire Christmas collection: 
"The Toy that Saved Christmas"- a lesson in giving
"Star of Christmas"- a lesson in how to love
"Saint Nicholas"- a story in joyful giving
"It's a Meaningful Life"- a lesson in being content
"Little Drummer Boy"- a story about hope, love and forgiveness

Also included in VeggieTales Ultimate Christmas Collection is the "Christmas Sing-along Songs" DVD and 25 Christmas Favorites CD!

My kids are a bit too young to enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life" but by watching VeggieTales "It's a Meaningful Life" they get the same message - learning to be grateful and content with what they have.  In "The Little Drummer Boy" we learn the story of the birth of baby Jesus.  My kids especially loved this one because they recognized the story.  This is really a perfect collection of shows to watch with your kids to help them learn about the meaning of Christmas.  And it helps that my husband and I also enjoy watching them. :)

I received a free product to conduct an honest review.  All opinions are my own.