Tight Wad in Utah: REVIEW:!

Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm a huge bed skirt fan!  We recently moved and didn't have bed skirts, it just makes the room look undone.  Plus I hate being able to see under the bed :):)

Shop bedding has dust ruffles and a new line of lace curtains and any other bedding you can think of that can help any room look done.

Curtains are actually next on my list for our new place.  Right now we have blankets nailed over the  Do what ya gotta do I guess :)  I really like the selection at Shop bedding though, they have all kinds of styles, colors and sizes!

I tried out the Tiara Eyelet Bed Skirt to review and I love it for my daughter's room!  She's pretty good about not keeping junk under her bed, but I still don't want to see under there.

I first washed and dried it and it came out of the dryer ready to put on her bed - NO IRONING!  Plus her room looks so much better!  I have no complaints about the quality.  After washing I found no hanging strings or any unraveling's perfect.

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