Tight Wad in Utah: REVIEW: Rachel & the Treeschoolers DVD + CD!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

REVIEW: Rachel & the Treeschoolers DVD + CD!

-by Veronica

Did you know that Rachel Coleman from Signing Time is back?  This time with in a new series. I was so excited when I heard about this, that I immediately emailed them to see how we could help promote it.  The new series is called Rachel & The TreeSchoolers.  After having the video for one week, my son is familiar with all of the characters, like  Abacus Finch, Isaac Newt, Abigail Nightingale and more.

In espisode 1, a rainy day interrupts the TreeSchooler's plans to play outside. Rachel pipes in to teach the treeschoolers ASL, songs and movements to go along with this lesson.  There are also problem solving, rhyming, and sorting games that encourage children to grow in their development.  The music is awesome! My toddler already sings some of the songs to us. This new DVD comes with an accompanying CD with all of the songs in the episode. There is also a free Activity Guide to go along with the DVD.  It's available as a pdf from their website! I'm very excited about this new series to help preschoolers learn and grow.

Visit their website to purchase this DVD+CD combo set today.  It is selling for $24.95 - it's a great  buy.  Don't forget to visit Rachel & the TreeSchoolers on Facebook too!

I received above dvd for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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Connie Gruning said...

My Granddaughter and I watch Baby Signing time everyday. (I can't believe how much calmer Alice is being able to sign instead of getting frustrated!) So I'm super excited about the TreeSchoolers!!
Thanks for the review.