Tight Wad in Utah: Gardner Village Series: Taste, Culinary Boutique

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gardner Village Series: Taste, Culinary Boutique

Last Friday night, I attended a cooking class at Taste Culinary Boutique located in Gardner Village. It was like being invited into someone's home with open arms and warm, healthy comforting food.  I loved every minute of it!

Our class was taught by Laila Hardman, the owner of Taste. Some of the countries Laila has taken cooking classes include the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Africa and  Morocco.  Aside from the knowledge she has from cooking in such diverse countries, she really makes her classes engaging and entertaining.  The kitchen features Joseph Joseph cookware along with a variety of European cookware. The demonstration kitchen can accommodate up to 20 individuals. Keep it in mind for your next Girls Night Out, Date Night, Church groups, Bridal Showers, etc.

And after doing some research in the area, the cooking classes are amazingly well priced.  They really are a steal!

They offer more than cooking classes, too!  They sell specialty kitchenware items, cookbooks, tableware, linens, kitchen accessories, local gourmet food items and unique kitchen gadgets.   They feature gourmet coffee, signature frozen hot chocolate, ice cream and healthy, fresh grab-and-go items!

Taste is affordable, unique and worth it!

Here's a look at my Persian Cooking Class!
Laila Hardman, owner of Taste Culinary Boutique

Lavash va Panir with Yogurt Sauce
This was one of my favorite itmes! So light, delicous and good for you!  The yogurt sauce has cucumber and dill! We topped the Lavash with the sauce, feta and some herbs and radishes!

Ashe (Vegetable & Bean Soup)
Again, this item (Ashe) is super healthy! It has veggies, lentils, garbanzos, spinach with a dallop of yogurt and herbs.

Our Main Dish
Our main dish was Chelo (Iranian style steamed rice) with Zereshk Polo (currant berries).  I was surprised at how much goes into preparing the rice.  It was so fluffy and full of flavor. The chicken has pomegranate syrup and some seeds on top! YUMMY!

Better than icing on cake is Pistachio Rose Ice Cream!
For dessert we learned how to prepare this delicious ice cream which has saffron, rose water, pistachios and heavy cream in it!  It was HEAVEN!

I'll be going into more details in a later segment! If you're particularly interested in learning about a specific dish, let me know! Perhaps I can focus on that one in my next Taste Culinary Boutique post.

In the meantime, check out Gardner Village's website or their FaceBook page!
See Taste's website! and  LIKE them on Facebook, too!

- Veronica

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