Tight Wad in Utah: Gardner Village Series: Naborhood Bakery

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gardner Village Series: Naborhood Bakery

There is one place that has always been a must for me when going to Gardner Village.  Whether it's to eat there or to grab a treat to take home, I always make a stop at the Naborhood Bakery.  My favorite is a coconut chocolate chip cookie.  Oh gooey goodness!

More recently, I found out that they have  roll dough you can take home so that you can make their orange rolls at home.  I'll be doing that sometime soon, too!  I found out that they cater as well.  Please visit the Naborhood Bakery website to learn more about their delicious offerings.

Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village
West Jordan, Utah
They are always busy, but even so they have great customer service and enough room to plop down for a bite to eat before taking off again and doing more shopping.  

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