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Utah's Clear the Air Challenge!

Utah has started a program where we can all work together to help out the air quality of our fine state.  The Utah Clear the Air Challenge runs from August 1st to the 31st and it's an opportunity to set goals and see how we can improve.

We are fortunate to live close to most of the places we frequent so we get out and walk quite a bit.  Also since joining this challenge I've been more aware of idling and have tried to carpool when possible.   I'm not the best, but I'm trying :):)

Here's what you do:
-Register at
-Fill out your info and set goals
-Track your progress

There is a tracking system with Travelwise and it helps us see how we can drive less and smarter.  When you utilize this program and meet your weekly trip goals, you will also be entered to win some great prizes!  Last week someone won a bike!!  You can also Like Clear the Air on Facebook to keep up with the program and win some more! :)


Brenda Williams said…
Mark your calendar and take these exact same photos every 5 years...what a beautiful memory it would be for those girls.