Tight Wad in Utah: Guest Post: DIY Pool Party!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Post: DIY Pool Party!

Charlotte's 1st Birthday Party - {DIY} Pool Party
by Cristen at

Here are a few projects from my daughters 1st Birthday Party!

Many of the ideas came from Pinterest -

The Smash Cake
  • $4 smash cake from the Target Bakery
  • I bought a #1birthday candle at the Dollar Tree.  I used some Swarovski crystals to decorate it a little bit and some paint to add some more color to the edges.  
  • A little trick I learned is to shove a toothpick about halfway into the bottom of the candle to get it to stand better in the cake. 

  •    Dip rim of cup in light corn syrup follow by the sprinkles
  • I cut paper straws (from Spritz by Target) in half to make them go further and fit better in cups
The adorable stickers on the sprinkle rimmed cups were made by Party with P.J. Tuttles

 *When I think "kid's birthday" I can't help but think of TREATS.  Lots and lots of Treats.  We had to have a candy bar.  We offered marshmallow sticks, rock candy, candy bracelets, bubble gum, sour patch kids, mini gummy worms, life savers, lollipops and tropical Mike & Ikes.*

Goody Bags:  Beach buckets filled with stickers, toys, games, bubbles...etc.
A Teddy-Graham floating in a blue Jell-O "pool" in a gummy Lifesaver.  Everyone loved these!
 These Push-Up pop cupcakes were also a hit!
  • We used funfetti cake, strawberry cake and lemon cake and added "electric" food coloring gels to each batch to get these bright colors.  
  • To get the cake to be thin enough for the push-ups we baked each color in cookie sheets.  The thickness was perfect.
  • We precut all of the cake circles with a small shot glass and then layered them into the push pops alternating cake & frosting.  (I used a Ketchup Squeeze [the skinny red one] bottle with a tiny tip from the Dollar Tree for the frosting.)
We found the idea on Pinterest:  Push-Up Pop Cupcakes

I added white sand (Dollar Tree) to the bottom of a tall vase and threw some mini beach balls in it for some extra decor around the house.
Drink umbrellas shoved in a grape vine wreath for the front door.
*You can see my Pinterest inspiration board for this birthday party by clicking this link:  Charlotte's 1st Birthday Ideas

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The Turner family said...

What is that the cakes are in?

Cristen said...

They are push-up pop containers. We got them at our local cake shop but you can order them online at,, and lots more sites! They are completely reusable, too!

amysosavvy said...

Those push pop cake containers are amazing!

Cristen said...

Thank you @amysosavvy

Cristen @ The NapTime Reviewer said...

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