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Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Family Fun Program! Sweepstakes!

Redbox and Phase 4 Films have started a Summer Family Fun Program with some great giveaways!  To start it off Redbox has 8 new DVD's from Phase 4 Films that are available to rent!  And when you do (enter your email address at checkout) you will automatically be entered to win!!  If you want to enter to without renting a DVD just do so at

Prizes include:
-Roundtrip tickets for 4 to Toronto and the chance to a walk-on role on Nick Jr.'s Dino Dan Show
-A four day West Coast Princess Cruise for four with round trip airfare
-A seven day vacation for four to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida

NEW Phase 4 Films at Redbox:
Kiara takes place in the magical Kingdom Dreamzone.  It's a peaceful place until the king is captured.  The king's daughter, Kiara, needs to save her father and bring back peace!  My kids really liked this quirky film.

Space Dogs is about 2 dogs that are sent to space in 1960!  It's runtime is 88 minutes long.

Smitty is a story about a 13 year old boy and his single mother who struggle to get along.  Ben spends the summer at his grandfather's house and meets a farm dog.  He ends up learning about friendship, family and responsibility.

Freddy Frogface is about a 10 yr old boy, Victor,  with stern adults and a town bully.  Victor gets to perform in a talent show with his dog Sausage in spite of the efforts of Freddy Frogface.  This is a fun one for my kids.  They love the dog :)

Donkey X is based on "Don Quijote del la Mancha", a 400 year old Spanish classic tale.  It runs 90 minutes long and is rated PG.

My Friend Bernard (available in August) is about Sam, a shy boy afraid of everything.  His polar bear friend helps him to face his fears.

Rock Stars (available in August) is about earthworms in the music world.  Watch Gloria and Barry as they try to bring back disco!  My kids will dance around with this one.

I Heart Shakey (available in August) is a story about keeping us dog Shakey.  It's a movie that shows loyalty and the importance of family.

Along with a chance to watch these movies we also got a Rainy Day SOS Kit!  It came with some great ideas for when your stuck in the house because of the rain or if it's too hot for Mom to go out. :)

Create your own Mad Libs
Take a favorite story, maybe a family trip, a fairy tale or a fable of your own creation and type it out in 500 simple words.  Next, pull out 10 nouns, 10 adjectives, 8 verbs and all proper nouns.  Replace with fill-in-the-blank placeholders and print out.  Grab a pen and prepare for endless laughter with the entire family.  Remember, the sillier the story, the more giggles from the kids!

Create your own Crafting Dough
2c flour
2c hot water
3/4c salt
2T vegetable oil
3/4c cream of tartar
Food Coloring Directions:  Mix flour, salt and cream of tartar in a bowl.  Add oil and water and knead either with the dough hook of a standing mixer (5-6 minutes) or by hand (8-10 minutes) until the dough is soft and workable.

Make a divot in the center of the dough, add a few drops of food coloring and fold dough working coloring through (you may want to divide dough into several balls for a variety of colors)
When you're done playing store your craft dough in an air-tight container (if it begins to dry out, you can knead a bit of water in again to soften the dough)
Create your own Card Castle
Grab your deck of cards and get ready to build!  Begin the first layer of your castle by placing two cards with the long edges touching in an upside-down V to make a triangle.  Place a second set next to this triangle and so on until you are happy with the size of your base (you can put several rows to give your castle more depth)  Now comes the tricky part!  Lightly lay a row of cards on top of the triangle points and begin your second layer on top of the first.  Challenge big can your castle get before it falls?

Create your own indoor tent - this is always a winning activity at my house!
Information and Rainy Day kit provided by Child's Play Communications.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.
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