Tight Wad in Utah: Thank Goodness For Frozen Peas!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank Goodness For Frozen Peas!

ankle sprain frozen peas
June 2012 SLC
by Mindie : A new contributor to Tight Wad!

Not only are peas one of my favorite vegetables, but they also make great ankle ice packs.  For someone who falls a lot (my friends call me a klutz, but I just say I'm 'special'), it is imperative that I always keep frozen peas in my freezer.  From my experience, I have learned that they are much better (and cheaper!) than any normal ice pack as they conform so nicely to your ankle

sprained ankle frozen peas
May 2010 New York
They are also so much better than frozen french fries, which I was forced to use in France, or frozen minestrone soup, which I had to use in Italy as we couldn't find frozen peas. (I told you that I fall a lot, right?)

I was at Smith's recently and discovered that frozen peas are 10 for $10.  Boy, am I glad I picked up several packages!   I haven't been able to find any coupons for frozen peas, so if you know where I can get some, let me know.  I gotta keep my freezer stocked up!

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