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Friday, April 27, 2012

REVIEW: Angelina Ballerina, Ultimate Dance Collection

Review by Suzanne

It’s showtime! Step into the captivating world of dance with Angelina Ballerina™ and her friends as they steal the show in Angelina Ballerina: Ultimate Dance Collection, a three-DVD set now available in stores from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Also included in this entertaining DVD collection is a BONUS music CD with 4 fantastic songs. See Angelina Ballerina take center stage as she follows her heart and learns some important lessons about creativity, fun and friendship along the way.

I never knew how much my 2 year old daughter has been missing. Angelina Ballerina, Ultimate Dance Collection has brightened her day for the past 2 weeks!. Every time she asks to watch one of the movies she has to change into her own ballerina outfit. So cute. Her older brother doesn't even mind watching them along with her, I think he likes the fun music that is in the movies. I don't mind allowing them to watch Angelina Ballerina as it encourages developing talents and always has a good morale to go along with the story.

Angelina Ballerina: Pop Star Girls
Get ready to get your groove on because it’s showtime with Angelina and the Pop Star Girls! While all the dancers learn to work together, Angelina realizes she loves hip-hop, rock bands, fiddles and more! Move and groove along with Angelina as she directs a hip-hop musical and discovers she was born to be a star. The whole family will be star-struck with delight as Angelinasteps it up in her best performance yet!

Angelina Ballerina: Shining Star Trophy
Angelina shines brighter than ever in this exciting movie adventure! Ms. Mimi announces that there’s going to be a big talent show at Camembert Academy – and the winner will walk away with a Shining Star Trophy. When Angelina goes out of her way to help her friends find their special talents, she has little time to work on her own routine. With celebrity guest judge Perry Parmesan deciding the winner, every minute of practice counts. When the curtain rises, who will take center stage and win the Shining Star Trophy? Watch as Angelina follows her heart to be a true shining star!

Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice
Some sparkling performances are coming to Camembert Academy on the ice and on the dancefloor! Angelina, Alice and all of their Mouseling friends know the importance of practice for the big show. But when Angelina’s skates go missing, will she find them in time for her ice skating solo? And will AZ ever learn how to do the “Cheese Roll” like his Granddad taught him? With help from her friends and some creativity, Angelina discovers the magic of working together in this very special treat!
Each DVD is 55+ minutes, so plenty of ballerina viewing. The DVD gift set is priced at $12.99 and came available 4/12.
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