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Rue La La Still giving out $10 credits!

Rue La La is still giving out $10 credits to new sign ups!  They have extended until 12/12!  You can get the above pants for FREE since they have FREE shipping as well! (shipping is fast too!)  The $10 credit expires at the end of this month.  You'll definitely be able to find something cheap or FREE!  They have great sections for kids, men, women, they even have a living and travel section! The above is under kids - Little Rue - Mad Sky Boutique. Under Sunny Beach Gear you can find some sunglasses for $2.90 shipped after credit!   $9.90 shipped with your credit!! This cool napkin holder is under Mariposa in the Living section.  Have fun looking!  Make sure to get your $10 credit and use it while there is FREE shipping!  12 more days! $10 credits can take up to 72 hours to post. .

ABC Pillow $2.90 Shipped with Rue La La Credit!

UPDATE:   Pillows are now sold out, but there are a TON of Kids clothes, even sunglasses for under $10!  example - Check out RuffleButts Boutique! a d o r a b l e  Make sure to get your credit tonight!! Today is the last day to get a $10 credit from Rue La La!  If you already have yours this is selling under Alma's Designs - Toys for $12.90!!  So $2.90 with your credit!!  It can take up to 72 hours for your credit to post to your account.   Sign up now so you'll have it.  It doesn't expire until the end of the month!   AND there is FREE shipping for 13 more days!!  This awesome pillow also comes in red or pink! Look under the kid section for Little Rue and you will see all of the kid boutiques...including Alma Designs, Calvin Klein...etc They also have Calvin Klein Baby Snow Suits for $19.90!  That's $9.90 shipped with credit!  If your signing up now and don't have your credit yet...don't worry, they have great deals all the time!! $9.90 shipped wi

GIVEAWAY: Friends and Family DVD! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Friends and Family  is a new DVD out by HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate!  The DVD include 8 episodes from 8 different shows! Thomas & Friends:  Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon Fireman Sam:  Danger by the Double Bob the Builder:  Dizzy in Charge Barney:  Big Brother Rusty Angelina Ballerina:  Angelina and Polly's Two-Hour Show Kipper:  Cousins Roary the Racing Car:  Zizzy Spectacular Timmy Time:  Timmy's New Friend My 2 year old sons favorite is Kipper.  He giggled all the way through it.  Still does. :)  My 4 year old daughter loves Fireman Sam.  I love having one DVD with an assortment of episodes from characters my kids are familiar with and love!  It's been a great DVD to have around!! The target age is 2-5 and it runs for 99 minutes.   You can get it on Amazon for $11.99! One reader will win the Friends and Family DVD! US only Please fill out the form below to enter: Giveaway will end  Thursday December 15th at Midnight MST.    Winn

3 Giveaways Ending TONIGHT...

Christmas Gift Basket from! Timmy Time DVD! $15 Eversave Credit!

SLC Daily Deal: $5 off code for ANY deal in December!

SLC Daily Deal has a $5 off code good for ANY deal in December!  Used code XMASGIFT at checkout. Some deals going on now: $14 for 2 Dozen Mrs. Fields Cookes! - with code $9!! $14 for 4 Admissions to Dinosaur Park! - with code $9!! $12 for 12 Daisy Hair Bows! - with code $7!! $9 for 2 Tickets to Draper Historic Theatre's Production of Li'l Abner! - with code $4! $25 Hydrating Facial + Foot Massage! - with code $20! and more!  Plus there's the rest of December so sign up now so you don't miss one you want!  Limit 1 $5 off code per customer/ per account. .

SaveMore: QuickStove Stove in a Can as low as $12.95 Shipped!

SaveMore has a great deal today!!  You can get a QuickStove Stove in a Can for $17!  There is also a shipping flat fee of $5.95.   If your new to SaveMore you'll get a $10 credit making the deal even better!!  This would make a great addition to your emergency preparedness gear, or a gift!!  When an emergency hits they will be really happy for this!

GIVEAWAY: OLIVIA Winter Cheer Prize Pack! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner This month Kidtoons in featuring some favorite Olivia Movies: OLIVIA Talks Turkey Olivia takes up turkey calling, and before long, she's attracted a turkey who refuses to leave her side! OLIVIA's Snow Day On a snow day, Olivia and her friend Julian form a news crew and track down the real story behind an alleged sighting of the legendary abominable snowman. OLIVIA builds a Snow Lady Olivia is thrilled when she's chosen to build the mascot snowman -or in her case, snowlady - for the annualMaywood winter festival. She's determined to build the biggest snowman anybody's ever seen! But when all the snow melts away, Olivia has to build her snowlady out of something else: cotton candy! Princess for a Day When a real live Princess comes to town, Olivia can't wait to meet her. But Olivia gets to do more than just meet her - when Olivia and the Princess realize that they look almost exactly alike, they make a plan to trade places! Olivia initially take

Green Toys Blocks Giveaway Ending TODAY

Today is the last day to enter to win Blocks from Green Toys !  Contest ends at midnight MST.  Good luck! .

Photo Flip Book $5.91!

Today Vistaprint has a deal for a FREE Photo Book!  Shipping costs around $5.91 and takes 21 days (at most).  It costs more to get it faster.  With this book you can customize it with 10 of your photos and add captions if you want.  Sometimes doing 20 page photo books feels overwhelming to me, so this photo flip book is more my speed this year. :) TODAY ONLY

GIVEAWAY: Family Talk2 and Lumps, the Elf Coal Game! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Now that the cold is settling in it is time to bring out the games! I have 2 great ideas for you from Continuum Games . They have family friendly games as well as seasonal games . Recommended for ages: 3 & up/ 2+ players/retail: $9.99 The first game is Family Talk2 , a big hit around here. It is a fun and portable way to get your family talking. I have a 4 year old who LOVES to share what is on his mind and we love to hear what he is thinking, this is just a perfect way to get beyond the every day questions of how was school and what did you do at your friends home. Family Talk2 includes 100 conversation cards that range from "where did your parents go on their honeymoon?" to "who is the best joke teller in your family?" to "what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?" Some of the questions were a little over my 4 year old's head but they were easy to skip over or adjust the question for his age. I am sure this will be

AHRQ: Communication with your Doctors can save money and lives

U.S Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is encouraging patients and doctors to engage in effective two-way communication.  Better communication can help us all and could even save us money in the end.  .

GIVEAWAY: IncrEDIBLE Toppers/Miss CupCake Canada! (US/CAN) -CLOSED-

Winner Superheros were my cupcake toppers of choice from IncrEDIBLE Toppers , when it came time for my little boys birthday party.  Little superheros including Batman and Wonderwoman etc. were the perfect touch to making my little guys birthday party that much more special.  I recieved a ton of postitive comments from people, thinking I'm fancy. ;) Well, I'm a pretty low key person generally, so it was nice to know how to spruce up a party instantly. The cupcake toppers by IncrEDIBLE Toppers are edible; really.  Honestly, most of the kids picked off the topper, because who would think something so adorable could be edible!? I of course had to try a piece of batman; not too bad.  It wasn't something I would crave over chocolate, but it was nice to know myself and the children weren't  consuming something toxic. I LOVE this shark. :) With a variety of choices, Christi from Incredible Toppers / Miss CupCake Canada , won't let you down. She adds different choi

Personalized Mug for $5.79!

Today Vistaprint is offering FREE Personalized Mugs !  You do have to pay shipping which is about $5.79.  Great deal for a customized gift!  I made one of these last year for my husband to put pens in at work.  It's covered with pictures of the kids and he loves it! TODAY ONLY .

GIVEAWAY: $15 Eversave Credit! PLUS $5 Credit for EVERYONE! -CLOSED-

Winner Eversave is giving out $5 credits to everyone!  If you are already a member you should have $5 deposited into your account.  If not, you can sign up here and get $5!  The credit expires on 12/8.  If your in Utah, Eversave now has local deals and a local Facebook and Twitter page.  If Eversave isn't in your area yet, they always have great "Everywhere" deals going on. Eversave is a daily deal site that has almost every kind of deal you can think of. I've been using them for  over a year now and have loved their customer service. Check out their great deals going on today! One reader will win $15 in Eversave Credit! Please fill out the form to enter: Giveaway will end  Thursday, December 8th at midnight MST . Winner will be chosen by   All opinions are my own.  Giveaway sponsored by Eversave.  Email addresses will be deleted after giveaway.  Your privacy is important. US residents only. .

GIVEAWAY: $40 Wood Expressions GC! Aimee's Adventures in Home Decor #7 (US) -CLOSED-

Winner I have discovered the beauty and art of handmade wood creations ! Unfortunately I don't have a wood creating skill, but Wood Expressions does! A husband and wife duo, Reginald and Sheila have been working together for years, turning a peice of wood into a treasure that will beautify your home and food. I was able to review a super cute cupcake/candle holder .  I like it as a candle holder personally when it is all by itself.  I think if you had several for a party the pedestals would add some class as well as dimension to your table setting. Each piece of work by Wood Expressions is unique being handmade. At the  Wood Expressions Etsy shop you can also find bowls, cupcake/cake stands, plates/platters/trays, vases, candle holders, potpourri bowls, mirrors, boxes etc. Find something for yourself or a loved one by winning our $40 GC giveaway by Wood Expressons!!! :) US only Please fill out form to enter: Giveaway will end  Tuesday, December 20th at midnight MST .

$7.99 for an Embroidered Christmas Stocking! FREE 7day Shipping!

Vistaprint has embroidered Stockings for $7.99 with FREE 7 day shipping!  Right now I have stickers spelling out everyones name on their  Cute, but not lasting.  :) TODAY ONLY .

FREE $5 Plum District Code!

Like your local Plum District page on Facebook and you'll get a $5 code!  The code will be good on any Plum Deal (no steals) and expries 12/11/11.  If you already like your local page you can still get a $5 code.  On the facebook page look at the left sidebar that says $5 Promo.  You can get a new code everyday until 12/9/11!

4 Tickets to the Ogden Dinosaur Park for $14!

SLC Daily Deal has 4 Tickets to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden for $14! ($28 Value) Wahoo!  I've been waiting for this one!  The voucher won't expire until 6/30/12. See details here. .