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Plum District: Utah deals! 10% off code!

Plum district has a great deal for a birthday party in Salt Lake County!   50% off at Gamin Ride - a mobile video game theater party!  They say its a great gift for kids but I want one for me :)  They come right to your house and can hold up to 16 kids.  It costs $125 ($249 value) See details here. Also if you use code fabulous you'll get 10% off of any deal, plus if your new you'll get a $5 credit! Other local deals: My Busy Book $23  - these are really cool!!! $60 for Three Hours of Cleaning

Financial Planning Online Game

AXA Equitable has a fun game that teaches you about life insurance.  By playing it you can enter to win a sweepstakes for $25,000 and $15,000.  AND you can nominate a charity that AXA will donate money toward.   Your participation will help others as AXA Equitable and the AXA Foundation have selected the American Red Cross, CARE, and Scholarship America to receive a grant based on the total number of votes received by Pass it On!  players during the campaign period. The more you play the more votes they earn.   Have fun! .

FREE Teeth Whitening Pen with SaveMore Credit!

On SaveMore you can get a Smile Bright Teeth Whitening pen for $8! ($29.99 value)   When you sign up for SaveMore you get a $10 credit so it's FREE! There is also FREE shipping!  I have a pen and I LOVE it!  So much easier than the trays!  And in my opinion it works just as fast.

GIVEAWAY: $25 Dandelion Baby Blanket GC!!! -CLOSED-

Review by Aimee Winner Having a baby? Have a baby shower coming up? Well, if not, Christmas is!  I've found the perfect, affordable homemade blanket for you!  Dandelion Baby Blankets are the perfect blanket for snuggling up to any day.  I wish I had one my size! lol! A baby and a little child can never have too many good blankets in my opinion.  Dandelion Baby Blankets are blankets (blankies) your child can not resist.  When I got my giraffe blanket from Dandelion Baby Blankets my little girl fell instantly in love! She had to sleep with it! Dandelion Blankets are all so cute.  The patterns are modern and fun, with a super soft underside. The blanket arrives out of its package just like this:   The Dandelion Baby Blanket shop carries not only variety of fine blankets but other handmade baby items as well: blankets for swaddling, blankets for strollers, heavy weight blankets, patchwork blankets, bibs, crib bedding sets, nursing covers and pacifier clips.  They are all

Backyard Discovery Giveaway - Swing Set & Playhouse!

Backyard Discovery is giving away an Oxford Swing Set and a Cedar Chateau Playhouse!  Together they are valued at $2000!  Giveaway ends on 12/18. To enter you need to like them on Facebook .  Good luck!  If you win, you better let me know!! ;) .

StumbleUpon- FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card for every 5 Friends to sign up!

When 5 of your friends sign up for the FREE site StumbleUpon you'll get a $10 Amazon GC!  You can share using email, twitter, facebook...etc  It's super easy, and all you need to sign up is your name and email address! Once a friend signs up you'll get an email confirming it.  Feel free to share your link in the comments below.   StumbleUpon is a free website that helps you discover new websites, photos..etc recommended by friends. After your 5 friends have signed up you should get your gift card(s) within 6 weeks to your email. For every five (5) referrals who register for the StumbleUpon Share Program, you will receive one $10.00 Amazon gift card.  Sorry, no partial credit. You will only receive a gift card for every 5 Qualified Referrals. Delivery of gift card will be made within 6 weeks.  Self-referrals not allowed.  Gift Cards subject to terms of card.  Gift cards may be delivered digitally to recipient.  StumbleUpon is not responsible for gift cards deliver

Review: Angelina Ballerina Holiday Gift Set

My little girl has already watched Angelina Ballerina's Holiday Gift Set multiple times; obviously a big fan. ;)  The gift set consists of 3 DVD's that are all great. "Nutcracker Sweet" teaches kids that eating too many sweets can not only make you sick, but make your athletic/art performance less strong, causing you to feel heavy and tired.  (Perfect reminder for all of us for this holiday season; although I'll speak for myself. lol!) "Love to Dance" takes you on an adventure in Angelina's life as she moves from her old school to Camembert Academy.  Angelina is very nervous she won't be liked as well at her new school.  She learns that a new school and a new teacher may introduce new concepts to help one grow and accept new ideas. "Ballet Dreams" continues in Angelina's new life at Camembert Academy.  Angelina learns how to put together her own show.  She also dreams of being the lead in the Mouskinov Ballet and has the opp

GIVEAWAY: Wild Ridge Design!!! Aimee's Adventures in Home Decor #6 -CLOSED-

Winner I love homemade items....can you tell! ;)  Wild Ridge Design on Etsy are all creations made with love one at a time.  Christi, the artist makes beautiful wreaths that range from year round to seasonal designs.  Each wreath can have a free scent chosen from her list to make your wreath even more festive and have that yummy smell of the holidays. I was impressed with Christi's story about her beginnings on Etsy .  She began making Wreaths, wall, wedding decor and more full time along with raising a large family after she suffered a stoke.  Christi is truly an inspiration to keep going despite all the odds. I was given a beautiful orange and chocolate brown wreath to review from Wild Ridge Design . As these wreaths can be hung inside or outside, I chose to hang mine on my door outside.  I can smell vanilla cinnamon each time I walk through my door where the wreath is hung.  Yum! :)   I love how the wreath adds a nice accent to my home. I'm happy each time I see i

Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon When You Take the North "Poll"

Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their  educational toys  you think is the best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North "Poll!" You'll Get a  Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon ** to use at just for voting!

FarmMatch - FREE Memory Matching Game iPhone App

FarmMatch is a FREE iPhone app!  My 2 and 4 year old have fun matching the different animals.  My son (2) mainly just likes seeing the cards flip, but he's  I love matching, memory games for my kids, maybe if they get good they can remember other things like...where to put their coats when they take them off.  :) You can download FarmMatch for FREE on iTunes. Information sponsored from Blogtricity.  All opinions are my own.   .