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GIVEAWAY: Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Over the last couple weeks I've been trying out Amazon Rain Replenishing Moisturizer .  I love it from the way it feels to the smell. :)  You don't even need a lot, although I always use too much.  I'm still not used to having such an efficient All Lluvia products are free of synthetic chemicals and artificial additives and made from 100% organic ingredients.  They come in their natural tone, color, and smell.  I actually really like the tone and the way my skin looks and feels when I put the moisturizer on.  I've been looking for a good one for awhile and am SO happy to have found Amazon Rain ! This giveaway is dedicated to the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Skin care is  a huge part of our overall health, and it does matter what we put on it, and how  much toxicity the body and its organs accumulate during their lifetime. That is  why the byline for all Amazon Rain skin care products is Deeper Than Beauty.   Amazon Rain products feed t

GIVEAWAY: Merry Christmas Thomas DVD! (US) -CLOSED-

Review by Aimee Winner Both of my kids love Thomas the train!  Merry Christmas Thomas is no exception.  With all of the Thomas movies and shows there are always lessons to be learned.  in "Surprise, Surprise," my favorite part of the show, Thomas is trying to make a surprise party for his friends who have broken down and are in the Steamworks shop.  They can't make it to the special party with the children, so Thomas secretly begins planning a party at Steamworks for the engines without clearing it with Victor the shop owner. Things keep going wrong as Thomas brings a friend to share jokes, and later a Christmas tree.  When Thomas finally tells Victor, the shop owner whats happening, things turn around as they all help to make the party come to life.  A lesson learned: you don't have to do everything by yourself, nor should you think you have to. Other lessons are learned as Thomas searches for the "grandest tree", as well as when the engines sing a song

FREE Scotch Brite Pads!

When you like Scotch Brite on Facebook you can fill out a form to get a FREE Scotch Brite Pad!  They go to the first 100,000.  Currently they have less than 30,000 fans so there's still time.  They claim to outlast 30 rolls of paper towels!  I'm always looking for ways to stop buying paper towels. :) Once you get to the facebook page look to the left for "Special Offer".  I didn't see it with my firefox browser.  I changed to safari and it was there.  weird... Thanks Must Love Coupons !

$100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway????

UPDATE: Today (11/17) is the last day to click away!  IF you leave a comment under the Tabletop and IF we win the giveaway I'll use those comments as extra entries in the giveaway! (worth 2 entries)  Check out my tabletop on the Better Homes and Garden Facebook page!  If I get the most visitors to just click here , I'll get to giveaway a $100 Walmart GC!  Don't need to do anything....just take a gander at my Tabletop. :) --as many times as you like :):) .

GIVEAWAY: $50 Blue Bird Heaven GC!!! Aimee's Adventures in Home Decor #5 -CLOSED-

Winner Architects have an eye for "function and design."  Jessica from Blue Bird Heaven is a former architect making and creating designs that are not only functional but very cool and tasteful. I received a small Printer Jewelry Display in yellow from Blue Bird Heaven .  This display is possibly the coolest jewelry organizer I have ever seen.  I love the way it looks on my wall; this picture doesn't do it justice. :)  I had a hard time choosing the color for the disply, but the yellow is a nice shade that transforms my jewelry into a collage of art.  The  printer displays are all antiques and are all re-purposed making them each unique. Blue Bird Heaven also has other handmade/repurposed items such as portable jewelry holders, many sizes of displays (not to mention awesome colors),  hook racks for keys, jewelry, bags etc.  I can honestly say I like just about everything in her shop.  These make great gifts my friends!!! (even if its for yourself!) lol! ;) O

Kid Giving Away 3 Laptops to Kids in Need is giving away 3 Intel Learning Series laptops to families with needy children this Christmas. To be considered, entrants must write a short story over the child who you they think deserves a laptop this Christmas. Complete details of this contest can be seen on Kid Computers facebook page . You have until December 15th to enter. Good luck!  Let me know if you win! .

Here is a great website that offers eyeglasses at a reasonable cost. I think anything you can do online that can save you time and money is a great thing! Glasses USA offers high quality frames as well as lenses and you can't beat there prices. They offer 110% lowest price guarantee. They also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee along with incentives to refer a friend. Right now for a limited time they are offering a Fall Sale: Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglass frames (standard lenses included) with the code: fall50 (additional charges may apply if optical lens upgrades are used.) Take 10% off any order with the code: blog10 . Glasses USA offers selections for men and women including sunglasses. They also offer multifocal glasses , which is great for people who are both near and farsighted. I was impressed when I saw there selection as they have all different types of styles and prices. Looking for eye glasses online has never been easier. I was really impre