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GIVEAWAY and Review: Turn Me On Art! Aimee's Adventures in Home Decor #3 (US/CAN) -CLOSED-

Winner I have found a new love: Turn me on Art's super cool light and electrical plates.  I have never thought of dressing up my light switches till I saw Turn Me On Art on Etsy. Her designs go from the simple, classical to more modern.  She even has some that are fable themed, as well some new ones for Halloween!  I am tempted to get some of them! I love this one for Halloween. So as you have seen previously, I painted my living room and wanted to add a little more "spice" to my wall. Who knew that just changing your light switch plate could add so much fun to a room.  My husband, who I thought might not like the change, absolutely loved it.  In fact he kept commenting on how much he liked it at random times through out the day! lol! :) You have a keeper here with Turn Me On Art .  I am inspired to try some new styles and perhaps "switch" things up a little more often.  Ha, pun not intended, but I like it! ;) You can WIN a light or electrical

DownEast in Provo Warehouse Sale! Everything under $13!

Starting today DownEast in Provo is have a great warehouse sale! .