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Winner Organa Kids has some great animated stories from around the world.  This new DVD series launches today and is geared toward preschool age children.   I love this collection of stories.  Both Happy Valley and Castle Farm have great music and give kids a look at an animated England.  My kids really enjoy the characters and animals in the dvds.  I also like the animation in each of them.  It feels really original and fun.  My daughter loved the one episode in Happy Valley about brushing your teeth, I think she learned a new trick :) Castle Farm: Like a child’s drawing brought to life,  Castle Farm  is a gentle series from  England  full of color and colorful characters.    Join Farm Girl, Piggy, Leonard, Farmer and all the barnyard animals as they solve mysteries, fix things, get chores done, play games and learn lessons about friendship, responsibility and having fun.    Each vignette is filled with its own tiny adventure that will engage youngsters again and again. Happy V

Two Dave Ramsey Money Lessons for $1! (1 for Adults & 1 for Kids)

You can get 2 Money Lessons from Dave Ramsey for $1! Cash Flow Planning - Learn to manage, save, and spend money more wisely The Super Red Racer - Teach kids the importance of saving for things they want I LOVE Dave Ramsey!  He is the reason my husband and I don't fight about money :) .

GIVEAWAY: Bubbling Math or Baby Monitor & Alarm App! -CLOSED-

Winner Bubbling Math is a iPad/Mac app that turns math into a fun game.  There are 9 different levels with great music and sounds!  My almost 2 year old was playing with it today.  He got most answers wrong but he was giggling like crazy!  My preschooler also enjoyed it and I'm glad to have this for her to practice on.  I wish I had great apps like this when I was growing up. :)  I just had my Bubbling Math has a great Parents section that has detailed results so you know how your child did and what they need help with.  There are three levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold).  The next one is unlocked when you pass! Through September the Bubbling Math iPad/Mac app is only $1.99! Another great app from is the Baby Monitor & Alarm!     This app is available for the iPhone or Android and is $2.99.  The features include: •Phone Alert Function –  The app triggers a call to any other phone number when there is noise in the baby’s room for longer than a

SaveMore: Collapsible BPA-Free Water Bottles $5 or FREE if your new!

SaveMore has Collapsible Water Bottles for $5 with FREE Shipping!  When you sign up you get a $10 credit so you could get one for FREE!  The bottles are BPA-Free and they include a carabiner clip. I used to have one and I think my 1 year old threw it out...punk.  So I'm pretty excited for this deal.  :)  You can only get one deal per person, but if you want some for gifts there is an option of get 4 water bottles for $14! .