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How to Make Foam Hand and Dish Soap

I have been saving my foam dispensers for months now and I finally got around to refilling them.  Amy from Cutting Coupons in KC posted about how to make your own foamy hand soap and dish soap earlier this year.  It turned out SO well! Dish soap: Add 1/3c dish soap Fill to top with water Shake DONE As you can see from the works. :)  I like having this around for when I have to hand wash things. Hand Soap: Fill container with water - mostly full Add 2 to 3 Tablespoons of liquid soap Shake DONE I had just enough soap left to re-fill 2 bottles! Thank you Cutting Coupons in KC !

GIVEAWAY: Bob the Builder DVD! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Bob the Builder Super Scrambler came out 8/16/11 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment .   I've never seen Bob the Builder before this and I can tell you I now know the song by heart :) My kids love it!  Especially the trucks.  Synopsis:  It’s super-sized fun in four exciting adventures!    Scrambler wants to be a Super-Smasher hero while he builds Farmer Pickles’ milk shed. He works alongside the whole Can-Do crew to get the job done!    Wendy, Travis and Muck show the team there’s more to strength than lifting heavy blocks and that following instructions is always important. Bob and his crew finish the job with the super power of tools and teamwork! There are 4 Episodes: Travis' New Garage Scratch and the Dream Home Super Scrambler Roley and the Fox Bonus Features: "I Love Rockin" Music Video High Tide for Lofty - Bonus Episode (Digital Only) Roley's Rovers -  Bonus Episode (Digital Only) The DVD is 44 minutes long and the target age is

GIVEAWAY: 4 UT Circus Tickets, 2 Winners!! Ends TONIGHT!

I went to exchange my circus vouchers today and seats are filling up!  Especially for the Thursday 7 performance because lower bowl seats are cheaper! So I wanted to give away the last 2 sets of 4 tickets TONIGHT!  Each winner will get 4 tickets.   They are actually vouchers that need to be exchanged for tickets at the box office.  Valid for the 7:00 Thursday or 3:30 Friday performances. If you've already entered there is no need to enter again.  For those of you that did extra entries by leaving a comment on the facebook post ...those will also still count.  You can continue to comment and get likes for extra entries throughout today if you want.  Scroll down to find the post on Facebook . GOOD LUCK!  2 Winners will be announced tomorrow! ENTER HERE Here's another Circus deal: Family Fun Pack 4 Tickets and 4 Hotdogs for $81!  Call Joe to get this deal (801) 325-7220 or get them at the Energy Solutions Arena Box Office with promo code JC7220 Discounted Ticket

FREE Swiffer Classic Duster!

Vocalpoint is offering FREE Swiffer Classic Dusters to their members!   Become a Vocalpoint Member and then click here to get your duster mailed to you! Vocalpoint is a fun, free program.  I highly recommend it.  Once you get the product they like it if you review it. (can be a sentence!)  Totally worth it!   I've received a bunch of great products to try so far.   The product also usually comes with high value coupons as well. :) .

3 Giveaways Ending TONIGHT...

The Gruffalo DVD!   Krema Peanut Butters! 4 UT Circus Tickets! Winners will be announced tomorrow morn! .

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review

I tried out Wholesale Halloween Costumes for my daughter this year.  I couldn't have been more happy with their selection on toddler costumes !  My daughter looked through the site and picked the Disney Alice in Wonderland Costume .  I ironed it, then straightened her hair and she looks just like a little Alice :):)  And after Halloween she'll have another addition to her dress up selection.  So for me Halloween costumes are well worth the money.  This costume costs $32.30.  It comes in sizes Toddler 3-4, Small, and Medium.  It also came with a white ruffle petticoat and the headband!  All ironed really easy on the lowest setting. The costume came exactly how we expected and my daughter is now super excited for Halloween. :)  The quality of this costume is great!   I don't feel like it will fall apart after the big day.   I need to find one for my son now.  I love that a lot of the costumes are made warm so that the kids won't freeze or have to wear a coat under their

MORE Utah Circus Giveaways..

Here are some more giveaways going on for the Circus coming to UT in September.  All giveaways are for a family pack of 4.  If there are multiple dates, that means they have one giveaway post and the date will be when they draw a winner.   GOOD LUCK! SMMart Ideas -  9/5 Enjoy Utah -  9/7 The Survival Mama -  9/8, 9/15 One Day at a Time - 9/5 Please email me if you have a giveaway you want me to add to the list.  I will do my best to keep this list updated. - FREE Slap Gear Watch & FREE Shipping! (new members)

SaveMore has Slap Gear watches for $7 with FREE Shipping!  If your new to SaveMore you get a $10 credit FREE with $3 to put toward another deal!

GIVEAWAY: I Built It! Games: Snakes & Ladders! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner I Built It! Games has a great game out now called Snakes & Ladders!  The best thing about these games is that your child is able to personalize them with pictures.  They can color sheets that are provided, color sheets provided online , put in a picture of themselves..friends..or anything! I love that the board, pieces and even the dice are oversized.  It's perfect for my 3 year old.  After we played the game together (she won and I did not let she played with the game pieces for the rest of the day.  :)  The board has a great jungle theme and we liked it when we got to slide down the snake. lol I Built It! Games also has Chess , Checkers , Memory Match + Tic Tac Toe and more.  Games are $19.99 and up.  And with the ability to create and change your pieces the game stays fresh for much longer. It's great that there are no little pieces or cards with this game.  I find those all through out my house from other games.  They never seem to stay wit