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UT GIVEAWAY - Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus Tickets! Family Pack of 4!

It's Circus time again!  Wahoo!   Fully Charged is "where megawatts of thrills explode off the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never before seen performances that will energize children of all ages!"   Performances include: Tabayara , a dynamic animal trainer whose rare ability to communicate with animals allows him to ride rearing stallions at a fully-charged gallop,  orchestrate majestic four-ton Asian elephants in a symphony of dance and stand inside a cage, eye-to-eye with 12 ferocious tigers. Audiences will feel the earth shake when  The Brothers of Brawn , who are as wide as they are tall, enter the arena. The strongman duo will lift large telephone poles and twirl them above their heads while acrobats balance atop, sustaining up to half a ton total weight. The fearless  Fernandez Brothers  dial up the thrills on the Twin Turbines of Steel, including extreme jumps and twists inside the moving wheels! Audiences will crackl

HALF off at Chuck E. Cheese's in Utah!

Screamin Daily Deals has a great one today!   $20 for a Large Pizza, 4 Drinks, and 100 tokens at Chuck E. Cheese!! ($40 Value) Valid for the Sandy or Layton locations!  I already bought this one :)  I got birthdays coming up.  I'm pretty excited about 100 tokens, with this many I don't feel guilty using some (a lot) for myself!  I love the games :)  And their new pizza recipe is great!  You can see my review here.

BOGO FREE Parade of Home Tickets!

The Daily Deal has a deal for the Parade of Homes this weekend!   2 tickets for $10!   August 13th and 14th - Featuring the Disney/Pixar "Up" House!   See details here. .

2 Giveaways Ending TONIGHT

Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Gift Pack! Tropical Traditions Shredded Coconut! .

GIVEAWAY: Saline Soothers Gift Pack! -CLOSED-

Winner Boogie Wipes now has a line for adults!  I absolutely love the Boogie Wipes for my kids!  It's a great alternative to squirting saline up their nose. :)  Which they fight me on of course.  I've been waiting to do this review because I haven't had any nose issues.  But I was outside for awhile this morning and my allergies started to act up.  So I grabbed the Saline Soothers .  At first it's weird because I'm not used to blowing my nose on something that is least not on purpose. lol  But it's SO worth it!  It leaves a great feeling in there!  Kind of like a mild vicks vapor rub.  What I like about it also is that I only needed to use one.  And I don't have to worry about looking like Rudolph any time soon. :)  (always a Little Busy Bodies, Inc. has announced it is taking on the challenges of adult noses suffering from colds, the flu, allergies and everyday irritants with the introduction of its new Saline Soothers product

$10 Subway Gift Card for $6.50!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT Saveology has $10 Subway Gift Cards for $6.50!  These are for first time buyers only.  Also when you share this deal, and 2 friends'll get a $10 credit! .

2 Giveaways Ending TONIGHT

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers! Shaun the Sheep Animal Antics DVD! Both end at midnight MST. .

Plum District: $50 GC for $25!

UPDATE: Sold Out Plum District has a $50 GC for $25!  If your new you'll get a $5 credit!!  Certificate can only be used online and it does not include tax or shipping. This will probably sell out, so get it quick if you want it. .


Winner I had no idea when I received this DVD that it was also a best-selling children's book.  After watching it I have NO trouble seeing why.  This story is so adorable! And my kids just LOVE it!  Any time a visitor comes over my daughter wants to show them the  It's 40 minutes long and also has bonus content. Besides the story I love the music.  It is really beautiful!  A rare thing in children's dvd's.  -2010 Academy Award Nominee -Narrated by Helena Bonham Carter -Voices of an All-Star Cast -Studio: NCircle Entertainment -DVD Release Date: August 16th 2011 Synopsis Based on the best-selling children’s book,  The Gruffalo  is a magical tale of a mouse who takes a stroll through the woods.  Encountering three predators who all wish to eat him, the adorable and confident mouse has to use his wits to survive.  He tells his predators that he is meeting a monster, which scares each of them, but what will mouse do when comes face to face with the terrible

DownEast Home & Clothing New Jordan Landing Store Review

Have you seen the new DownEast Home & Clothing store at Jordan Landing?  It's right between Old Navy and TJ Maxx (great combination!)  The store is pretty and well stocked with deals.  I found the store to be clean, comfortable (chairs for tired and friendly.  It was also very easy for me to find clothing that I liked.  That's always a bonus. :) Jordan Crossing Shopping Center 7119 S. Plaza Center Drive West Jordan, UT About DownEast Home & Clothing: DownEast Home & Clothing , a leader in stylish and affordable apparel, home furnishings and accessories, believes that shopping should be a fun, guilt-free experience. Founded in 1991 and still family-owned and operated, DownEast continues its goal of bringing customers the very best merchandise including  modest clothing  – from national brands to its own  DownEast Basics  apparel – at the very best prices.  The DownEast Basics clothing line features smart layering pieces and wardrobe enhancing gar