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Showing posts from June 5, 2011

Brandi Carlile LIVE Album for FREE!

Anyone else a Brandi Carlile fan??  I AM!  She's one reason I become MORTIFIED if people ever say they saw me driving somewhere. :):)  I sing big..and You can download the  WHOLE concert she did live with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra for FREE!  When you download you'll get 12 songs.  Check out Turpentine and her Hallelujah cover! :):)  LOVE IT!  Oh and The Story! lol AND...The Sound of Silence from Simon & Garfunkel is on there  -- great version!! Thanks One 2 One Network !!!!!!!! .

Emergency Essentials: $40 in FREE Gift Cards for Bloggers!

If you have any kind of blog you can get up to $40 in Emergency Essential Gift Cards!  Here's how: Add the Preparedness Pantry Button to your blog = $10 GC Post on your blog a review of the Food Storage Analyzer = $10 GC Submit a Guest post on a food storage related topic = $20 GC I've already done the first 2 and received $20 in Emergency Essential Gift Cards. I got the above for $6!  If you don't have a store near you, you can buy online as well. A lot of products have a 30 year shelf life - would even make a great gift!!  It's not to hard to imagine an emergency hitting us.  Earthquake, job loss, etc etc etc. Now is a great time to get ready, especially if we have people (kids) depending on us to be.  Looking at my kids always gives me motivation. :) .

Get Prepared for an Emergency at Staples for CHEAP or FREE!

UPDATE: I found the $3 off coupon again! I just barely made it to Staples.  I hope you printed off the $3 coupon I posted about the other day , because I can no longer find it . :(  If you have it, make sure you use it by the 11th!  They have tons of items for $1.  You can also get a 24 pack of water for $3.99 so $.99!!  And since most people don't have enough water stored to sustain them in an emergency this is a great way to start or continue your storing efforts! (above picture was taken at the SLC store today, so hopefully your store is stocked too!) They also have ponchos and mini first aid kids for $1.  So if you need to spruce up your Bug Out Bags (72 Hour Kits), this is a cheap way to do it!!  I got the above items and more for FREE by using my Staples Rewards and the $3 off coupon. .

Giveaway for Cake Decorations Ends TONIGHT, 5 Winners!!

The giveaway for cake decorations from Bedecked Dessert Adornments ends TONIGHT.  5 Winners!!  Winners get to choose from 10 different designs!

CityDeals: Cheap Dairy Queen & Thai Garden Gift Certificates!

Today at CityDeals (until 8pm MDT) you can use code FIND30 to get $10 Dairy Queen Gift Certificates for $3.50!  Valid at specific locations: Syracuse, Provo, West Valley & Springville. Also available is a $26 Thai Garden Gift Certificate for $13.00 !  Use code FUN20 to get it for $10.40!!   2 locations in Salt Lake City.   Both deals have the option for you to print them at home, or have them mailed to you. .

FREE Personalized Father's Day Card!

You can get a FREE Father's Day card from PaperSnaps!  Plus FREE shipping! The site is a little slow, so I would suggest multi-tasking :)  --no credit card info needed. If you don't want to design one, you can choose a card without a photo. When you choose a card that you don't need to change you won't see the "Add to Cart" button unless you change something. --then you can just delete the change if you want.  Then the Submit Changes button turns into "Add to Card".   It took me a bit to figure that out, so I thought I'd share :):) Thanks Addict 2 Save ! .

GIVEAWAY: VoiceQuilt- Gifts that Speak from the Heart! -CLOSED-

Winner Need a gift for someone you care about?   VoiceQuilt is such a great idea!  Picture opening a box or putting in a cd that has all of your loved ones saying nice things or even singing to you!  This would be great for Father's Day, Graduation, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Weddings, etc... VoiceQuilt is very user friendly.   First you purchase phone time .  You get access to a toll free number for as many days as you need to collect toasts, tributes, songs..etc.   This way no matter where your family and friends live they can call in and participate in this gift!    It's FREE for one day, and $19.95 for 10 days.  All you do is call in and leave a message, like you would on an answering machine.  You can even redo it easily. :) Once you have all of your messages you arrange them in your account like a playlist.  You can also post them to your facebook page to let everyone listen to a message or song.  Go to my Facebook page to hear my little girl singing to her Nan

2 Giveaways Ending TONIGHT - Lightspeed Tent & The Little Yoga Mat!

The Little Yoga Mat is an eco yoga mat for children under 5!  Fits in a diaper bag even.  If you know a kid under 5, this would be a great gift!  It can also be used as a play mat or sleeping pad.   Enter the giveaway here . The Lightspeed Quick Shelter Tent is about as easy to put up as a camp chair!   It's very well made and durable as well.  I had some toddlers body slamming it and it still looks new. :)  Watch this video to see how easy it is! (this is also an entry!)   Enter the giveaway here . .

Staples: $3 off ANY Purchase Coupon!

Today through 6/11 you can use this $3 off ANY Purchase coupon at Staples! After you click on above link find this picture and click on it: Then print the page and your done!  You have to at least spend $3 :)  There are some exclusions listed on the coupon. Thanks Time2Save !

GIVEAWAY: 3 TruKid Products! Healthy Skincare for Kids -CLOSED-

Winner TruKid is helping kids create healthy habits with their many non-toxic, pretty to look at products.  They sell everything from sunscreen to body wash.  All of their products are safe and free of parabens, phthalates, gluten, BPA, SLS, 1-4 Dioxzane and fragrances. I tried out the suncreen and lotion.  Both of which I tried out on my kids and myself. :)  The Sunny Days sunscreen worked great!  It went on easy with a pleasant smell.  Kids played outside for hours and no burns.  The sunscreen is also listed on the EWG as one of the safest sunscreens available!! The Happy Face & Body Lotion smells SOOO good, I almost want to lick it.  My kids like it too.  It's nice to not have it be a fight.  My boy just rubs his face and says "ahhhhh"  lol. On the TruKid Website you'll find day and night Earn A Star Checklists .  It will help kids keep track of the good things they do.  Plus it's always fun checking things off. :)  That's why I make lists.