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Our Dream Machine! :) - you can win one!

This is our Dream Machine from Build A Dream Playhouse !!  Cute right?  Putting this car together was so much easier than I thought it would be.  The only hard part was keeping my children out of it for that long. :)  punks.  The directions were simple to follow and once you figured out step 1, the rest went smoothly. It will be easy to take apart and then put back together if we want to store it for a season.  If you don't want to put anything together you can get the Pop n' Play Kitchen or Castle !  Also the fact that my 2 yr old hasn't destroyed it yet is a testament to it's durability.  I'm very happy with it!! It's in our living room for now. They put their little chairs in it and watch tv through the  Needless to say, they love it!!  It will also be a great deck toy for us, assuming it stops raining here for awhile.   :):) If you want to win a playhouse of your choice enter the giveaway !  It ends on 6/14. .

Tracy Aviary Tickets for $3!

Screamin Daily Deals has Tracy Aviary Tickets on sale for $3! You can buy 2 and they expire Sept. 3rd, 2011.  Children under 2 are FREE.  Admission does not include $1 conservation fee.  They have several new attractions and more on the way! .

I Built It! Games $10 off Coupon Code!

Remember the I Built It! Games review I did awhile ago on the personalized Memory + Tic Tac Toe Game?  Well, now if you use code momblog1  at checkout, you'll get $10 off !!  Expires June 30th.  You can use the code 1 time per order. Games: Memory Match & Tic Tac Toe Jumbo Chess Checkers Games range from $29.99 - $49.99 and there is a $5 flat rate shipping charge. Each game can be personalized with photos, drawings...whatever you can fit in the game piece :)  You can also easily change out the pictures in the pieces so you could do one for a holiday coming up or a friend party...etc. .

Fun things I found today for Father's Day...

A Profitable Life has FREE Father's Day Printable Poster Cards !  You can print it in the color of your choice! Of course there's the $20 Old Navy Groupon that you can get for $10!   It can be used in ALL US locations!  I'm sure you could find something for Dad there. :) And here's a Father's Day Gift of Time Certificate  for kids to give their Dad's! So CUTE!  I found it at Nourish Interactive .  They also have lots of great coloring pages! .


Winner Have you heard of a SLAP Watch ?  They just slap right on and look awesome! There are 9 colors available and you can EASILY switch out the faces, so if you had all 9 watches you'd have 81 possibilities!!  There is also a SLAP Jr. which is a smaller size.  They come in 6 different colors currently. The SLAP Watch was on Ellen .  If you want to watch the video it's the very last item she talks about, and then she gives them out to the audience!  I tried out the black & blue in SLAP Jr., and I wear them all the time!  It only came off once when my son kicked it off of me (don't ask).  The interchangeable faces just pop in and out. Each watch comes with it's same color face, so if you want to switch out colors you would need at least 2 watches.   The SLAP Watch is $19.95 and the SLAP Jr. is $17.95 .  They even have some package deals if you want different colored bands.  These would make great gifts for Father's day!  After my husband saw mine he

Red Lentil Soup

I love easy, inexpensive, healthy recipes!  I used Aarti's  Red Lentil Soup recipe  from the Food Network with some minor modifications to what I had in my home.  So Yummy!!   Ingredients 2 cups red lentils (in Utah, find them at WinCo, Good Earth, Whole Foods) 4 cups water 1 onion, diced 6 cloves garlic, minced 1 (1/2-inch) piece ginger, peeled and minced 4 medium tomatoes, diced 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Tempering oil: 1 tsp cumin powder 1 tsp black mustard powder 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp paprika   1 tsp curry powder 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil Handful chopped fresh cilantro leaves Makes 6-8 servings Directions Put the lentils in a strainer and rinse them under running water. Add them to a bowl, cover with water and let soak for 30 minutes. Drain and set aside. In a medium saucepan heat up 1 tbsp of olive oil and once warm add  the onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes. Once they have been sauteed, add mixture above plus 4 cups of water and the lentils to a

GIVEAWAY: Build A Dream! (US) -CLOSED-

Winner Not only are these fun to play in, but they are also fun to color and build!  At Build a Dream you can choose between 4 Playhouses and 2 Pop N' Play .  They are made of cardboard and easy to store because they lay flat. The Pop N' Play series is great for those who don't have a lot of space.  When your done playing, it can go right under your bed.  The Playhouses can also be easily taken apart and stored. We had fun coloring our Dream Machine !! It was a project that lasted a week and can now be played with for as long as it stands. :)  The playhouses are made in the USA, durable, eco-friendly, safety tested, easy storage, and customizable.   Since we are coloring it we can decorate it again with paint for a new look. :):)   Stay tuned this week to see a picture of our finished product!   Build A Dream is giving one away!  Winner's Choice!!  Continental US Only Here's how to win: 1. Like Tight Wad in Utah and Build A

FREE $15 worth of Jamberry Nails!!

SaveMore is a daily deal site that gives you a $10 credit when you sign up!  Today they have a national deal for $15 worth at Jamberry Nails for $7.50!  So FREE with your credit, plus some to spare!  Not sure how long this will last.  FREE shipping is included! Also after you sign up you'll get a referral link.  Give it to your friends and you'll get a $10 credit when they make their first purchase! Thanks Good Deal Mama ! .

GIVEAWAY: Bedecked Desserts Adornments! 5 Winners!! (US) -CLOSED-

  Winners Look what I made!  All thanks to Bedecked Desserts Adornments .  The designs are two sided and can be cut to desired length.  They are SO easy to use to decorate!  They also come with a salutation card that you can insert into the cake.  Here are some my favorites: These would be great for Father's Day, Birthdays, Wednesdays....well anytime you want to eat cake. :)  They can also be reused or cut to put on cupcakes!  Such a great idea, and I love that it's so easy for people at my cake decorating skill level to use. :):) Each set is $7.99 plus shipping.  They come with 5 adornments and a blank salutation card that measures 14 inches high.  They are high quality and pretty! Bedecked Desserts Adornments is giving away a set of your choice to 5 Winners!  US only Here's how to win: 1. Leave a comment on Bedecked Desserts Adornments Facebook page stating your favorite design. 2. Please fill out form below Additional Entries -Leave a comment on this po