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Do You Thred Up? Swapping Kids Clothes for FREE

Guest post by Heather, from Savvy Sister Shops : Clothes swapping for kids is nothing new, our mothers & grandmothers have been doing it for years! With the addition of technology fueled by need: a down economy- there have been some exciting new twists come our way! Thred Up is one of the new ways to "swap" clothes online. It's easy and convenient. I want to show you how to use Thred Up and really get the most for your money! (Translation: No money needed!) A lot of you probably grabbed the Thred Up deal when you could get a box of clothes for just $1 through Deal Pulp . I know I did! Even if you missed that chance (it was available for just one day)- don't worry! There are still ways for you to get your box of clothes for next to nothing or possibly FREE! As soon as you sign up for a Thred Up account , you get an instant $5 credit. Easy, right? Then, if your friend signs up for Thred Up on your invitation, she get a $5 credit and you get an a

Ways to Save Money (and be Green!) in the Kitchen (Guest Post)

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  My daughter and I love cooking, and since it’s often just the two of us we spend a lot of time eating in there as well.  As with anything, where you spend a lot of time can also be where you spend a lot of money.  Here are some of the ways I save money in the kitchen: Go Meatless :  Even if it’s only for one day each week, going meatless not only saves you money, but it’s better for you!  There are so many great recipes out there, you’re sure to find plenty that you love – who knows, you may be inspired to go meatless more often! Cook From Scratch :  I used to think those box meals were real time savers.  However, once I started cooking most of my meals from scratch, I realized that they aren’t.  They may save you 5 minutes, but that’s about it!  By cooking from scratch you also have better control over what goes in your food.  You can cut out extra salt, meat, fat – whatever you’re looking to limit.  I collect a list o

Umlimited Yoga for SLC Bikram Yoga $39!

Right now on Living Social you can get a month of Unlimited yoga at Salt Lake City Bikram yoga for $39, a $130 value! I recently did their 30 day challenge as many of you know and had an amazing experience! You don't have to do their 30 day challenge with this deal, you can do it at your own leisure for 30 days. This is an amazing deal! Aimee

Organic on a Budget (Guest Post)

Oh So Savvy Mom is a blog catered to the interests of women, mothers, and wives.  At Oh So Savvy Mom you can find parenting related articles, great products for the family , and some great giveaways ! With all the information we have today about where our food comes from and what goes on it and into it, is no wonder so many people are seeking to eat organic. But, as everyone that has done it knows, eating organic can be rather pricey. We've got yet another holiday coming up during which we Americans like to celebrate by eating an inordinate amount of food.  I, like many people, would like my Easter dinner to consist of organically grown foods, but how to do that without breaking the bank.  If you're on a budget you're probably familiar with this dilemma.  You're standing in the grocery store debating over the conventionally grown cucumbers for $.75 and the organic grown for $1.40.  Buying organic is always going to cost more, and many of us don't have the means

Many Fun Things to do with Easter Eggs! (Guest Post)

Hello, my name is Tori and I am here with a guest post.  I am from  Learning to be Thrifty .  I am a working mommy who loves a good deal, that is where my blog comes in.  It is a little bit of everything, mainly I bring good deals and good products to my viewers.  Also as a teacher I do sneak in a few art projects and learning experiences for good measure, like February's  homemade heart crayons  and March's  tie dye shamrocks , be on the look out for paper bag bunnies coming soon!!      Today I want to talk about Easter Eggs!! There are so many fun things to do with Easter eggs and I want to share a few of my favorites.       First lets talk about filling eggs.  We all love a good candy stuffed egg, but have you ever thought of using other food items for younger children or even for older just to shave off a bit of the sugar buzz?  I know my little one would love a cheerio filled egg, other snacks for eggs could include, raisins, goldfish, and trail mix.  Another fun egg f

Daily Thrifty Tips from Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy! (Guest Post)

Hello Tight Wad in Utah readers!  I would like to introduce myself, I am Shanee from   Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy !  I am a mother of two... a beautiful 6 year old daughter, Bella and a sweet little boy, Sam who is 2 years old.  As if they don't keep me busy enough, I quit my job as a Business Analyst shortly after my daughter was born to become a full time mommy and childcare provider.  I operate a daycare center from my home and watch 4-6 children per day.  They really keep me on my toes! In my spare time I love to look for freebies, enter giveaways and just find great deals for my family.  My husband is unemployed right now, so we are really embracing a thrifty lifestyle!  On my blog,   Adventures of a Thrifty Mommy , I post lots of great   giveaways   (Most have very LOW entries!), as well as   freebies , and other deals I find on my thrifty adventures!  I also post a " Thrifty Tip " every day to help my readers learn to save even more money!  The following are

Thrifty Spring Cleaning Tips from Saving Your Green! (Guest Post)

I am a big fan of  Tight Wad in Utah , as I am sure you are too.  She asked me to write this guest post for her.   I was happy to do so, but wondered what I should write.  My blog,  Saving Your Green  is similar to  Tightwad’s  in that we both know how to save our scarce monetary resources.  I was going to show you how I make  My Homemade Laundry Soap , or one of my yummy  recipes  but while I was thinking of what to write the sun came out and turned into some really beautiful weather.  You know, like SPRING!  I noticed that the tops of my curtains were not supposed to be a grey color and I had to get to washing all of them.  You know what that meant… Spring Cleaning! Everyone (well almost everyone) gets that itch.  You know the itch to clean and polish when the sun starts shining in your windows and you see all the dust and smudges.   Then it happens again once it is FINALLY warm enough to open the windows and let a fresh breeze in.  You know, after breathing the same ole air all