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GIVEAWAY: New Jammies! 100% Organic Cotton Pajamas for kids! -CLOSED-

Winner New Jammies is a great place to find high quality organic cotton jammies for your kids!   It's always nice to find a company that feels good to support! Pure, soft, and natural are the only things  we want touching our children’s skin. New Jammies are made from 100% organic cotton so parents can sleep easy knowing their children are safely tucked in bed with  only the purest fibers on their skin. We know that toxic chemicals can be detrimental to a child’s health.   Research conducted by the   Physicians for Social Responsibility  indicates that chemicals in our environment and perhaps in and on our food are contributing to neurodevelopmental, learning, and behavioral disorders in children.   It is important that we try to reduce the  amount of chemicals our  children are exposed to in every form. from New Jammies I received a pair for my son to review.  They are adorable and SO soft!   These jammies are very well made, I feel like they would last forever!   I also ap

Tight Wad Tips! FREE $2 off at Rite Aid! LINK UP

When you go to Rite Aid Ad Perks you can watch 2 commercials and then your able to print 2 $1 off ANY non-prescription items!  You can only use one per item and it needs to be at least $1.  I love printing these and buying Winder Milk at the SLC Rite Aid.  They sell a gallon of Winder for $2.89 (regular price) $1.89 after coupon!!!  It's usually priced at $3.99 on sale at other stores! Go to Rite Aid Ad Perks and click on the image above.  Then watch the commercials.  When your done click on Rewards and you can print them both. Do you have a tip? a frugal recipe? a great shopping trip? ANYTHING of a frugal nature....Please LINK UP!

GUEST POST: Great Frugal Ideas for Spring & Easter!

Thank you to My Creative Stirrings for sharing some frugal ideas for Easter and Spring!!  Make sure to look at the Bunny Pudding Cup...Adorable!  Pudding is one of my staples. :)  Now it will be an Easter staple as well. :):) - Audrey My Creative Stirrings Come explore frugal creative crafts, yummy foods, and fun  activities all created by me, MyCreativeStirrings ! Here are a few ideas that I have posted over the past year and a half that can help you have a fun, creative, and frugal Easter and spring! 1. This  Spring/Easter Table Setting  cost me a total of $1.67.  It is fun, colorful, and definitely sets the tone for spring!  One of my secrets...use what you already have!  Pull out everything you think could work and play around.  If you need additional elements figure out how you can achieve this using item’s you own or could find outside. 2. I created this  Spring/Easter Table Runner  for the previous table setting using scraps of fabric.  Next time you de-junk your ward

FREE Cellfire Coupon- .50 or $3! Can get until 5pm MST.

They say you can get $3 or 50 cents.  I seem to always get the lowest amount possible.  Which is better than nothing. :)  I got 50 cents off my next Smith's trip . Let me know if you get $3!  Valid today until 5 pm MST. All you do is sign into your Cellfire account and look for the coupon, then save it to your Kroger Rewards Card.  Cellfire offers eCoupons, you can create an account here . Valid for these loyalty cards: (including Scott's and Gerbes)

GIVEAWAY: Meet the Fairies DVD! -CLOSED-

Winner Meet the Fairies is a popular series in Australia that is now coming to the U.S! The DVD is 60 minutes long and releases on March 22, 2011.  Best for preschool ages 2-5. The Fairies is an enchanting, magical fantasy, come to life in pretty shades of pink.  This live-action, musical series for preschoolers introduces two beautiful fairies, Harmony and Rhapsody. The Fairies explore Fairyland through play and adventure with their days full of magic, friends, giggles, singing and dancing and of course, fan-fairy-tastic fun!   Fairyland is just brimming full of fan-fairy-tastic friends, so dust off your wings, wave your wand, and start getting to know them a little better! There's the pretty purple fairy Harmony and her best friend, Rhapsody (who is always in pink)! Then we meet the yellow and black striped bee, Barnaby the Bizzy Buzzy Bee; their all-dancing, cake cooking friend, Elf the Fairy Cake Maker, and of course the ever perplexed Wizzy the Wizard (who never gets h

$3 Deal Pulp Credit when you invite a friend!

When you send an invite to a friend you'll immediately get a $3 credit in your Deal Pulp account!  All you do is send an invite.  I sent one just to my Dad and instantly got a credit. :):)  He doesn't need to do anything. .

Book from Totsy for 10 cents using coupon code!! or DVD for $0.75!

UPDATE:  Gone Just got a cool book for 10 cents thanks to Totsy !  Start collecting things for birthdays and Christmas!  Here's what you do: Sign up for Totsy Scroll down to find Sterling Publishing Select a book for $7.15 (there are a couple) Add your address Use Promo Code 15CREDIT TOTAL = $0.10 If your not into books, look around, they have a lot of great stuff!  You just need to have your total be $15 (including shipping cost of $7.95!) Coupon code good until 3/11 .  Thank you Cuckoo for Coupon Deals !  Tell your friends about it using your referral link and get a $15 credit when they make their first purchase! Under Babys First Impressions they have DVD's for $7.80 + &7.95 shipping = $15.75 - $15 credit = $0.75!!

GIVEAWAY: ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror! -CLOSED-

Sponsored by A truly fogless mirror! Winner ToiletTree Products makes a fabulous fog free mirror that hangs in your shower! The main reason I wanted a mirror in my shower was so that I could make sure I got all the mascara off my eyes. It seems every time I wash my face in the shower, I never totally get all the mascara off so I feel compelled to wash my face a second time. Since using the mirror, I can quickly see if a second washing is necessary. I know there are many men out there who would like to, or already do, shave in the shower. Imagine how helpful this mirror would be for them! There is even a little shelf on the mirror’s base where your man could keep his razor. My husband is not a shower shaver, but I know that he appreciates having the mirror in the shower; probably for vain reasons. I was surprised to find another use for it, though, when one night I went to turn off the water and caught a glimpse of my back in the shower.  It still had soap on it!

Review: Educational Toys Planet - Monster Bowling!

This is seriously the cutest bowling set I've ever seen!  It's from Melissa and Doug and you can find it at Educational Toys Planet .  This is a great game for helping to develop coordination and strengthen muscle growth . My kids absolutely love Monster Bowling !  My 3 year old loved knocking them down, and my 18 month old would set them up and then clap for  Anything that keeps them occupied together for more than 15 minutes is a winner in my book. :)  Educational Toys Planet has all kinds of toys and games that you can find under different categories.  Monster Bowling is found under Motor Skills . They have Math Toys, Pretend Play, Music Toys...etc.  Great place to find toys that your children will love! .

FREE $10 Referral Credit from Picaboo for every friend that signs up!

Picaboo is offering a  $10 credit  for each friend you refer!  You can earn up to $200.  That's a lot of photo books! Here is what you do: Sign up with Picaboo  and Install Picaboo X. Scroll down to bottom of page and click on New Referrals Get your referral link and share it with your friends! They don't need to make a purchase, just sign up and install.  Here is a link to Referral FAQ . .

My 10 days at Bikram Yoga

I bought a 10 consecutive day pass to Bikram Yoga in SLC for $20!  My 10 days are up today.  I went 8 out of 10 days and I lost 3 pounds.  I also feel really good and happy that I could do it.  I'm mostly impressed with how many days I went to the 6am class!  I said in my previous post about Bikram that the room stinks...I got used to it!   Thought it was impossible, but the last few classes I didn't even notice a smell.....weird...  I would recommend Bikram Yoga to anyone that wants to detox through sweating and improve their strength and flexibility.  Losing some weight is always nice too. :) If your at all interested you can enter to win a 5 day Pass to Bikram Yoga in SLC !  Near a TCBY....just sayin'. :) Also Aimee is only 10 days into her 30 day challenge so watch for her progress on the Bikram Yoga SLC Facebook page .  Find a Bikram location near you. .

Am I a Circle of Moms Favorite?? No :)

Tight Wad in Utah is now on Circle of Moms .  Right now they are promoting Money-Saving Moms and I have 2 votes. :):)  One of which was from me......okay...they are both from I would love it if you went to Circle of Moms and clicked on the yellow thumb to vote for me.  I'm hoping to double my numbers by You can vote once per day.  Thank you!! .


Fill out some info and you can print a $1/1 ANY Reach Toothbrush or Floss Coupon!  The pictured above sells at Target and Walmart for under $1!  Use your back button to print it twice.  Thanks Rose Knows Coupons ! .

2 Giveaways Ending Tomorrow!

snackTAXI is giving away the above sandwich and snack bag !  I really love not using plastic! Sassy Sister Vintage is giving away a necklace similar to one pictured! .

Myzerr - Another place to find great deals!

Myzerr is a great website to find coupons and deals for a specific topic.  You can join groups already set up or create your own for free! List of some of the groups I like: Arts n Crafts Supplies Discounts Las Vegas Coupons & Discounts (Not Quite) Susie Homemaker Student Deals I found Myzerr easy to use and join.  Right now I'm just a joiner, but I can see how this would be useful for a business to get the word out and reward it's members by creating a group.  Your able to create your own community! Members of your group can access coupons by printing them or using an iPhone with the Myzerr App.  Learn more about this online community platform and see if it's a good fit for you.  You can also find Myzerr on Facebook .  They have some great articles there on how to promote your business using social media and they have a great deal for group buying promotions! .

$9 for 2 Fandango Movie Tickets!

Living Social is offering 2 tickets from Fandango for $9 !  The tickets have a maximum value of $15 so they will cover the $2 convenience fee!  Tickets also need to be used for the same show and time in a single transaction.   Code expires June 6th, 2011.  I love printing my tickets and not standing in line!  It's the way it should be :).

BOGO FREE Coupon for Baskin Robbins!

When you Like Baskin Robbins on Facebook you can print a coupon for a Buy Any Cone Get One Free Coupon!  It expires 3/5/11.  Thanks One Cheap Chick ! Look for this on the wall to print:

GIVEAWAY: Best Bottom Cloth Diapers! -CLOSED-

Review by Aimee Winner I'm a newbie to cloth diapers . I'd heard all of the horror stories of the cloth diapers that were used when I was a child. I was scared off and felt discouraged to even try at all. One of my girlfriends uses cloth diapers and changed my mind. I realized that the cloth diaper has come miles and miles above the diapers of my youth. I have been using one kind of cloth diaper, which I have loved, but have wondered about all of these new kinds of cloth diapers that are out there. I'm sure many of you have wondered as well. When I had the chance to review the Best Bottom Diapers diapering system I was excited to see what it was all about. How it works is you have a diaper shell and it has inserts that snap on the inside. That way when your child has a messy diaper you just take out the insert, wipe out the shell, and snap a new, clean insert in. The diaper has 2 closure options: hook and loop (velcro) or snaps. I have reviewed the snap diap

GIVEAWAY SLC Bikram Yoga 5 Day Pass! $65 Value! -CLOSED-

Winner Are you ready to get your Bikram yoga on? Well, you should be! Read my recent post  and get to it! :) To help you in your quest, Salt Lake City Bikram yoga is offering one lucky reader, and local Utah resident a 5 class pass; thats a $65 value! Woo-hoo! Enter our giveaway now, here on Tight Wad in Utah! Here's how to enter: 1.   Visit Bikram Yoga's website and leave a comment on this post stating something that interests you about it.   2.   PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM Additional Entries:  **These will be recorded on the form so you don't need to leave any comments on this post.** Like Bikram Yoga Salt Lake City on Facebook   so you can follow my progress with the 30 day Challenge! (Worth 2 Entries) Like Tight Wad in Utah on Google Friend Connect (right sidebar) Like Tight Wad in Utah on  Facebook Follow Tight Wad in Utah on  Twitter Donate to  Mothers Without Borders Add Either Tight Wad Button to your Blog or Website (right sidebar) Subscribe to  RSS

GIVEAWAY: Kiddie Catch-All! -CLOSED-

Winner We upgraded my daughter's car seat awhile back because she's getting bigger and the only thing I didn't like about it is that there's no where to put sippy cups, books...etc.  And in my experience, an occupied child in the car = unfurrowed brows. :)   I've been trying out the Kiddie Catch-All and my daughter is having a great time with it!  Luckily it fits on her seat just fine and fits all her essentials. :)  Go here to see a list of car seats it will not fit.  The Kiddie Catch-all is also BPA Free and assembled/manufactured in the USA.  It's really easy to put on, which is good because I have to move it to buckle her in, but it's easy enough that she can put it on no big deal.  The liner can also be easily removed and put in the washing machine! My daughter really enjoys using it.  Now she has a place for her cellphone and  OH and a ball. :)  The items change day to day, but the constant is that I don't have all ki