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Tight Wad Tips! Coupon Codes and Half Off Kidorable! LINK UP

City Deals has 20 different deals that you can get 20% off on .  Since most deals are already discounted, this is a great deal!  Use code TWENTY at checkout. Also until the 28th you can use code DINE at to get 80% off!  Most certificates would end up being $2! If your into Kidorable raincoats etc...go to Eversave and choose Kansas City .  They have a deal for a $50  Gift Certificate for $25 and FREE SHIPPING (on orders placed before 3/31/11)!  Shop by Category and go to Kids Shoes, Clothes, and Other Necessities and you'll see the Kidorable items there.  Thank you Cuckoo for Coupon Deals - I've been wanting some boots! Do you have a tip? a frugal recipe? a great shopping trip? ANYTHING of a frugal nature....Please LINK UP!

Easy Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups!

I found this Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup recipe on and have made it several times now.  It's super easy and GOOD so I thought I'd share. Ingredients: 2 cups chocolate chips (approx.)  I like semi-sweet.   1 cup peanut butter - I prefer chunky :) 1/4 t salt 1/2 c. powdered sugar First get some paper muffin cup liners and cut them in half. melt half of the chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 minute, stir, then microwave again for another minute. use a spoon to draw the chocolate up on the sides cool in the refrigerator until firm. mix peanut butter, sugar, and salt together spoon into cups melt remaining chocolate and put over top spread to the edges let cool until firm...then EAT! The paper comes off well with a tiny bit of work, but worth it for the crinkly edges. :):) .

GIVEAWAY: PoppySeed Paper Personalized Folded Cards! -CLOSED-

Review by Veronica Winner Remember the days when you would run to check the mail just in case your pen pal had written?  Those days aren't the same any more with the onslaught of the internet, email, IM, FaceBook, texting, eCards, etc.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I wonder how in the world I managed to give up my iPhone last May.  Sometimes I miss the iPad - though I've never owned one.  But let's not forget words written on paper can make any one smile! My new year's resolution for 2011 is to write at least one old-fashioned style letter once a month to reconnect with far away friends.  Just as I'm starting my new goal, PoppySeed Paper came to the rescue.  I received some beautiful  stationery to review - with my name written on it!  I'm so happy with it. I love finding companies like this one.  PoppySeed Paper are Blake and Robin out of Alabama. They create the art work and can many times personalize things just the way you want them.  From statio

I went to Sweat Yoga! Bikram Yoga :)

I've been going with Aimee to Bikram Yoga .  I've been five times now (going EVERY day! even in the morning sometimes!!  I took a vow to never exercise in the morning because I hate it - I think going anyway means I'm maturing.. lol) I was told by my husband and even the teachers that I would hate the first time.  I thought I would too since the room is heated to 100ish degrees , BUT I actually really liked it!  Probably because with the buckets of sweat flowing out of me I really felt like I was cleansing my insides.  Knowing it's doing good helps me push through.  In my opinion normal yoga classes are much harder (posture wise) but the heat makes even simple moves hard.   I've since learned that I need to only sip water and breath in and out with my nose.  Those two things have helped A LOT! They have an introductory rate for newcomers - 10 consecutive days unlimited classes for $20!  That's what I'm doing, and I'm halfway through it.  I feel myse

Custom Table Pad Giveaway with only 5 entries - ends 2/28!

Need a Custom Dining Table Pad ??   Wholesale Furniture Brokers is giving one away on Feb. 28th and there are currently only 5 entries!  The table is manufactured by Ohio Table Company.  You can enter with your Facebook profile or with a blog post.  Here are the full contest rules . Winner gets a $229 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of a new table pad up to 120" in length and two table pad leaves.  Please let me know if you win!! .

GIVEAWAY: Sassy Sister Vintage Necklace! -CLOSED-

Review by Aimee Winner Sassy Sister Vintage is just that; super cool and sassy! When I found Kim's (the shop owner and designer) shop on Etsy I was drawn in immediately. From cool clothes , handmade jewelry , to home decor at REASONABLE prices, you will be taken as well. Sassy Sister Vintage sent me a one of a kind vintage marble necklace . I love the unique rustic look with "aged metal solder" around the marble. The chain is beautiful too. It has a copper, silver two-tone look that helps make the necklace a little extra special. I love wearing it. It gives my clothing ensembles a little extra color and style without over doing it. I've gotten compliments on it every time I've worn it. It really is the necklace that can be worn with anything. Audrey and me at Monster Jam sporting the necklace.  Kim from Sassy Sister Vintage has one of these special necklaces to giveaway here on Tight Wad in Utah! It will be slightly different as the marbles ar

3 Giveaways end TONIGHT

One winner will get 5 eco-minded books from Little Green Books! And I have 2 giveaways ending for Utahns tonight: $22 Gift Certificate for The Off Broadway Theatre in SLC and 4 Disney on Ice tickets! .

GIVEAWAY: snackTAXI Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag! -CLOSED-

Winner snackTAXI sells reusable sandwich and snack bags (among other things).  They have MANY designs to choose from and they add new fabric options the first of every month!  The outside is made of 100% cotton and the interior is lined with polyurethane coated nylon.  The bags are lead, phthalate, and BPA free! The reusable sandwich and snack bags are easily cleaned and can even be thrown in the washing machine!  I haven't done that yet.  I just use my soap wand to wash the inside and then just let it dry.  easy One thing I really like about these reusable bags is that the strip of velcro is long. So if I have A LOT of snacks or a BIG sandwich I can adjust the velcro so it all fits.  I can't do that with the other reusable bags I have, which was actually a problem a few weeks ago. :)  I'm happy to have my snackTAXI's and will need to get a couple more.  I really only want to buy plastic bags for food I want to put in the freezer.  I've been off plastic sa

FREE Mission Tortillas at Smith's! (Do you still have your $1/1 Coupon?)

Do you still have the $1/1 Mission Tortillas coupon I posted about a couple weeks ago??  If so the medium, soft taco, 10-count tortillas are on sale at Smith's for $ FREE!! Smith's also has Organic Gala Apples on sale for $1.50/lb.  I'm thinking of going ALL organic in March while staying within my $300 budget.  I'll post more about that later.  :) .

$10 for a $20 Thai Garden GC - good for carry out!

Today's Groupon is for Dine in OR Carry out at Thai Garden!!  Pay $10 for a $20 Gift Certificate .  I'm mostly excited about the fact that you can use it for carry out...seems rare for these kind of deals.  PLUS I love this place!!  One time when we went a few months ago, we were walking home (we live real close to it) we saw Phil Dunphy getting out of his car and going into Pago (another restaurant around the corner)  Phil is my favorite on Modern Family...hilarious...

Found a Deal on Sheets! WAHOO!

I noticed on the last CSN stores giveaway I did that A LOT of people said they wanted sheets.  I need them too so I've been on the lookout and I finally found a deal!  Today at Deal Pulp you can get a $40 Gift Certificate to Designer Living for $20!  Free shipping when you spend over $75.  Sounds like a normal deal BUT on top of that you can go through Ebates and get 6% back (plus $5 if your new) AND you can buy 2 certificates and use them on ONE order so you can qualify for FREE shipping!! Example: Buy 2 $40 Designer Living GC's from Deal Pulp Then go through Ebates search for Designer Living Buy 2 sets of 600TC Sateen Sheets in a Queen (pictured above) $41.99 ea Purchase = $83.98 (qualifies for FREE shipping) - $80 in Gift Certificates = $3.98 + $40 (paid Deal Pulp) PLUS 6% back! So $43.98 for 2 sets of 600TC Sheets, SHIPPED!!  Of course this is an example...Designer Living sells all kinds of bedding and home decor. .

HALF OFF at Frecklebox!

Today at Plum District you can get a $30 Frecklebox Gift Certificate for $15!  They have the best stuff!  You can see my review of Frecklebox here .  Since my review they came out with a new item....a personalized piggy bank!  (I want one :) Certificate cannot be applied towards tax and shipping and you can only buy one. See details here . .

GIVEAWAY: Crystal Earrings! -CLOSED-

  The Beaten Path Treasures Winner The Beaten Path Treasures Ebay store  is a great place to look for unique and quality clothes, handbags, shoes, boots, jewelry etc.. !  Some items are new with tags, most have been lovingly pre-owned, and ALL are at Great Bargain Prices! Also The Beaten Path has FAST shipping and 100% positive feedback! Right now you can get 5% off any purchase when you email The Beaten Path Treasures and say you were referred by Tight Wad in Utah.  (plus you'll get 10 entries in this giveaway!) The Beaten Path is giving away Brand New Dangle Earrings with Genuine Crystals! Total length 1.75" Here's how to enter: 1.  Visit  The Beaten Path Treasures  and then come back here and leave a comment letting us know what you think of the store or your favorite item. 2.    PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM  to be entered in the giveaway! Additional Entries:  **These will be recorded on the form.** Sign up for The Beaten Path Treasures Newsletter  Purchase any

Eversave: $32 worth of Natural Makeup for $13!

I've been pretty picky with my makeup choices these days.  I've been buying from Whole Foods because I like a natural line that they have, but it's PRICEY! So I bought today's Eversave deal.  Today you can get $32 worth of natural skin care from Smokey Mountain Minerals for $16!   Like Eversave on Facebook  to get a code for $3 off!!   Also if you're new, when you  sign up you'll get a $2 credit!  Eversave is having a fan appreciation week so there will be lots of giveaways on their page! Smokey Mountain Minerals Reviews , also here  and here .  All seem positive, I'm excited to try!  And FREE shipping !  WAHOO! .

GIVEAWAY: 4 Disney on Ice Tickets! (Last ones) Ends 2/24! -CLOSED-

Winner Disney on Ice is almost here!  I have one more set of 4 tickets to give away! Here's the info on the show: Showtimes: Wednesday, March 9     7:00 pm Thursday, March 10       7:00 pm Friday, March 11            4:00 pm & 7:30 pm Saturday, March 12        11:00 am, 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm Sunday, March 13          11:00 am, 2:30 pm & 6:30 pm Location:  Energy Solutions Arena About the Show: -Includes a  magical montage of celebrations , holidays and festivals from around the world.    Audiences can enjoy a winter wonderland with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, a Hawaiian luau with Lilo and Stitch, a Very Merry Unbirthday Party, a Halloween haunt with the Disney Villains, a Valentine's Day Royal Ball with the Disney Princesses and more! -Brings  50+ characters  from 16 classic and contemporary Disney stories   together in an original, action-packed storyline with brilliant costumes, contemporary music and special lighting effects.    The grand finale alone fil

SLC Bikram Yoga's 30 Day Challenge Review

Review by Aimee As a yoga enthusiast, I've had the opportunity of taking a few classes at Salt Lake City Bikram yoga in Sugarhouse, Utah. "What is Bikram yoga," you ask? It's the "hot" yoga you've heard your friends talk about! The SLC Bikram Yoga website describes it as follows: Bikram yoga is a challenging series of 26 asanas (postures) designed to systematically stretch, strengthen and restore health to every part of the body. [It's] twenty-six poses systematically move fresh oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as Nature intended. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well-being will automatically follow. . . . . The room is heated to warm your muscles, which allows for deeper and safer stretching. The heat also increases the heart rate, giving you a better cardiovascular workout, and promotes sweating, which flushes

My Trip to Target & Smith's!

I got all of the above for $16.93 plus I got $6 in catalinas to use on my next purchase!  Good right?  There is a new $1/2 Hefty printable coupon making them 39 cents each!! (when you buy 10 participating items)  See Savvy Shopper Deals for all of the match-up info. (the link is for SLC, go to Set Your Location to change).  Oh and don't Smith's was WELL stocked with Hefty, so I didn't take them all. :)  The propel wasn't on sale but I had two catalina coupons for FREE bottles. I also went to Target this morning and spent $2.10!! (incl. tax!)  The Valentines were 90% off so....29 cents each!  I of course got more FREE floss. (seriously, every time I go I get some)  The best deal is the Finish Gelpacs. Finish Gelpacs 20 ct. $2.50 use $1.50/1 Target coupon also use $1/1 printable or 1/23 SS (Smart Source) = FREE Thanks Coupons 4 Utah ! Included in the $2.10 purchase are these glasses. :):) .