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Tight Wad Tips! FREE Ear Plugs! LINK UP

Get a FREE sample of ear plugs!   Thanks Coupons 4 Utah !!  Right in time for Monster Jam, hopefully they will come in time. Here is my list of current Monster Jam giveaways for the Feb. 18th 7:30 p.m. show: My SLC Mommy  - 1/23 Tight Wad in Utah  - 1/25 The Survival Mama  - 1/26 SMMart Ideas  - 1/27 Enjoy Utah  - 1/29 Hairland's Shareland  - 1/28 Macaroni Kid: Layton-Farmington  - not sure on end date Do you have a great deal?? Frugal Recipe?? Good money saving idea? ANYTHING OF A TIGHT WAD NATURE...Please link up!

Giveaway: My Lip Stuff -CLOSED-

Review by Veronica Winner The other day, I received some fun items from My Lip Stuff in the mail!  I was so excited - especially during this time of year when lips are chapped almost constantly, unless you properly take care of them.  Having lip balm available in my purse, coats, upstairs and downstairs helps keep my lips moist and supple. :)  In fact, the mission on My Lip Stuff is simple:  end the suffering of people with chapped lips all across the land.  I hope Tight Wad in Utah can help with that mission! My Lip Stuff sent me three different flavors of fine natural butters and oils blended to create the ultimate lip moisturizer.  My flavors include cake and ice cream, pumpkin cheesecake and my favorite, candy cane.  These feel so nice on my lips and are so flavorful, they MIGHT just help me lose weight, too! Some more information on My Lip Stuff here: They have over 500 flavors!!  They are animal and earth friendly.  And they have vegan options as well. . I respect compan

FREE, FREE, & 20% off!

Jan. 21 - 23 you can get a FREE 2 oz Carried Away lotion from Bath & Body Works .  No purchase is necessary, just bring in the coupon!  Thanks Freebies 2 Deals ! Sign up to get a FREE Beech Nut Toddler Kit ! Thanks Savvy Spending ! Jan. 22 and 23 you can get 20% off your entire purchase at Big Lots with this coupon! Thanks Savvy Sister Shops !

How to Make Yogurt

Not my favorite flavor of powdered milk, but still makes good yogurt! One of the many food items I have plenty of is powdered milk.  My husband LOVES milk and since he bought the biggest food storage ever before we got married I have been trying a variety of ways to use it.  One of my favorites is home made yogurt.  I love that I know what's in it and that I can make it myself.  It isn't the fastest procedure, but luckily it involves very little hands-on time. You want to try it?  Let me first explain that I learned everything I know about making yogurt from reading one of my all time favorite blogs, kitchenstewardship .  It's not your average mommy blog - she writes a lot, and about serious things.  I always feel smarter after reading her posts.  I don't believe or practice everything she shares, but I do get great frugal and healthy ideas from her.  Check out her post all about yogurt for more information. Here I am demonstrating how to make just two cups of y

Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves Giveaway Ending TONIGHT

The giveaway for the Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves ends tonight at 10 p.m!  Here are some more favorites:

Bounty Basic Paper Towels $.09 at Smith's with eCoupon!

Smith's has an ecoupon for  $1/1 Any size Bounty towel !  You can get a roll of Bounty Basic for $1.09, so $.09 with the coupon!!  The coupon is loaded onto your rewards card.  If for some reason it doesn't come off you can email them and they are pretty quick to fix it.  Although you have to give them a lot of info. :) Thinking of going off paper towels ??   My Frugal Free Gal shows you how she did it.  I really want to...but I'm not ready.  I'm addicted to the towel. :)  Perhaps there's a group I could meet with?  lol Thanks Coupons 4 Utah !  Visit C4U for a complete Smith's coupon match up ! .

60% off at Sicilia Pizza in Salt Lake! Possible $5 for $25 GC!!

Wahoo!!  Today's deal at Deals that Matter is $10 for $25 worth at Sicilia Pizza !!!!  This is our FAVORITE pizza place in Salt Lake.  The kind of favorite where I recognize all of the delivery drivers. :)   If your new to Deals That Matter you get a $5 $5 for a $25 Gift Certificate!!!!! .

More Monster Jam Ticket Giveaways!

Here's what I got so far for Monster Jam Giveaways.  I'll keep adding to this list as I find them.  Each giveaway is for a Family Pack of 4 tickets to the show on Feb 18th at 7:30 p.m at the Energy Solutions Arena in SLC.  Enter them all for a better chance of winning! Hairland's Shareland  - 1/28 Enjoy Utah - 1/29 My SLC Mommy - 1/29 Cuckoo for Coupon Deals - 2/1 Macaroni Kid: Layton-Farmington  - not sure on end date Macaroni Kid: Ogden - Roy Coupons 4 Utah .

Ratuki Game Review

I received the Hasbro game Ratuki (ra-too-kee) to review.  It's awesome!  And not just because I won my husband in 3 straight games. :):)  Well that helps, but it really is fun and easy to learn.  It's also fast with not too many rules to get me confused. The best thing about Ratuki is that there are NO turns!!!  You just go.  I love that. I also love chess, but I can't play with people that think too long about their move. I'd rather learn patience from my crockpot. :)  At least then you get a nice warm The game is for 8+ for 2-5 players.  Although you could easily adjust the rules for young-ins to play. .

Fresh Market Coupons

When you sign up for the Fresh Market Newsletter they send you coupons periodically.  These are the ones I got today. Pretty good!  Here's my post on what to do with a bag of potatoes . .

ISO Ceramic Ultra Flat Iron for $21!

UPDATE:  Sold out within  If you sign up for their emails they give you a little heads up each day before the new deal starts. No More Rack has ISO Ceramic Ultra Flat Irons for $21!!   Deals usually go quick! This iron is $38 on Amazon. There is a $2 flat rate shipping charge, but you should get $10 for signing up!  So $13!!  --you have to spend $20 to use your $10 credit so this is a great deal! .

$20 Amazon Gift Card for $10!!

UPDATE:  Your $5 sign up credit can no longer be used on this deal :(  Hope some of you got it!  Still a good deal at $10 and it's STILL AVAILABLE!!  - thanks Michelle! Right now you can get a $20 Amazon Gift Card for $10  from LivingSocial! Wahoo!!  The deal is available in every U.S market so it doesn't matter what city you use.  It's one per person and it doesn't expire. Also if your new you'll get a $5 credit! (the credit will only show up if you go through a referral link , so don't go through mine if you have a friend who has one :)  LivingSocial is a daily deal site similar to Groupon. After you buy if you get 3 of your friends to buy from YOUR link, you'll get the $20 Amazon GC for FREE!  I happily paid $5, such a great deal!!  --that link may not give a $5 credit to your friend.  You will have another referral link under INVITE MORE FRIENDS that should give $5 to you and $5 to your friend.  Hope it works for you all!!!!!!   .

GIVEAWAY: 4 Tickets to Monster Jam in SLC! -CLOSED-

Winner "One of the most popular touring family entertainment sporting events in the world,   Advance Auto Parts  Monster Jam®  events are affordably priced for the whole family with seats starting at just $20 for adults and only $5 for kids   (advance purchase only) .    In addition, Advance Auto Parts  Monster Jam®  also offers fans the unique opportunity to enjoy unprecedented access to the drivers and their amazing machines during the "Party in the Pits" pre-show experience on Saturday, February 19. Motor sports fans will witness 8 trucks competing at the EnergySolutions Arena in the ultimate event of intense speed, racing and demolition.     Advance Auto Parts  Monster Jam®  fan-favorite truck icons, including world champions Grave Digger ®  and El Toro Loco ® , in addition to other truck powerhouses such as Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, Michigan Ice Monster, Ground Pounder and Titan along with Maveric (driven by local Utah driver Ron Duncombe) will be electrifyin

Favorite Blog Today: Frugal Follies

Here is a great article on how to save 75% or more at the grocery store !  This is a great post to read if your new to couponing.   Another article I love is Thrifty Birthday Party Ideas .  Check them out if you have some time! .

FREE Disney on Ice Ticket with Food Donation - Jan 24th!

You can get a FREE Disney on Ice ticket at EnergySolutions Arena, January 24th starting at 6 am.  The first 600 people to get to Door Six will get a FREE ticket when they donate 10 cans of food to the Utah Food Bank.  One pass per person per 10 cans of food. The FREE ticket will be for the opening night performance on Wednesday, March 9th. Go here for more about the show .  It looks like a great one! .

FREE ECO Drink Shield!

While supplies last you can sign up to get a FREE ECO drink shield !  Turns your regular water bottle into a safe reusable one. Thanks I Love Free Things ! .

GIVEAWAY: Powermat & up to 3 receivers! -CLOSED-

Winner This is pretty cool.  Have you heard of Powermat Wireless Charging ?  It's a great way to get rid of some of the cords in your life.  My husband and I got iPhones a few months ago, which we were able to do because our grocery budget was cut low enough.  Now with the Powermat I just slip the phone into the receiver (or case) and then I just lay it on the mat to charge!  Easy!  My phone used to go to low battery quite often, but since I've just been laying it on the mat when I'm not using it, my phone is always charged!  And it won't overcharge my phone. Another great feature is that it comes with a Powercube : You place this on the mat as well and it can charge over a thousand different devices.  My son LOVES to play with our old cell phones, but is sad when they stop making beeps and sounds.  I love him, but I am not going to keep around tons of chargers to keep these old phones alive.  The Powercube keeps us all happy! :)  It comes with 7 different tips.