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GIVEAWAY: $45 CSN Stores GIft Code! - CLOSED-

Winner As always CSN Stores is a great place to find just about anything.  They have a pretty cool laptop messenger bag for $45 that ships for FREE!  I've had great success using CSN Stores.  I've received everything pretty fast and just like I expected.  I hear they have great hassle free returns, but I haven't had to test that yet. :) You can seriously get lost looking around their 200+ online stores!  This Table top easel is also $45 and ships FREE, as most (but not all) items do. Or you can get all types of yoga equipment....and on and on.. CSN Stores is giving away a $45 Gift Code!! open to U.S. and Canada residents.  Code can be used at any of the 200+ stores. Here's how to enter:  PLEASE READ! This is a new way from what I've been doing, hopefully it will be easier. 1.  Leave ONE comment on this post stating what you would like to buy from CSN Stores after visiting their site. 2.    PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM TO ENTER GIVEAWAY . Additional Ent

GIVEAWAY: $10 Walmart Gift Card! -CLOSED-

Winner This is going to be a simple giveaway, all you need to do is 1.   Follow Tight Wad in Utah on Twitter 2.  and then Tweet: Enter to win a $10 Walmart GC @Tightwadinutah   (just copy and paste it) After you've done both come back here and fill out this form to be entered . NO NEED TO LEAVE COMMENTS ON THIS POST. Giveaway will end Tuesday February 1st, at 10 p.m. MST.  Winner will be chosen by  Walmart is not sponsoring this giveaway.  I was not paid for this post.  After giveaway I will discard all collected email addresses.  Your privacy is important. .

COSTCO: $3.99 for 48oz Craisins!

Costco has 48 oz. bags of Craisins on sale for $3.99!!  $6.99 - $3.00 Costco coupon.  I just bought one. :)  If you don't have a coupon book, get one at the front desk.  (or just tell the cashier)  Limit 1, dang it. .


One of my favorite coupons is on SmartSource!   $1/1 Any REACH Floss!  Most stores (Target, Walmart) have these for .99 so be sure to print this twice!  This should take care of your 2011 floss needs. :) Thanks My Frugal Adventures ! .

FREE Light Bulbs at ACE Hardware!

Ace has CFL Bulbs for $1!   Print $1/1 ANY GE Energy Smart Energy Star qualified CFL light bulb package = FREE (use back button to print twice) Not all locations take manufacturer coupons so you might want to call first if your making a special trip. Find your Ace Location here . Thanks Coupon Connections NW ! .


So I told my husband to get some toilet paper because we were OUT and he brings home Quilted Northern, 4 rolls and spent $4.26!  WHAT!  In my pre-coupon days...nothing, hurts a little. :) Mainly because it wasn't that long ago I got all of the above for $2.64!   They won't all be glorious receipts. :)  Especially with my lack of planning lately.  P.S. we are currently using that Old Spice Body Wash as hand soap!  I smell goooooood.... hands do.  HA! .

Itzbeen Baby Care Timer Giveaway!

The Giveaway for the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer ends tomorrow (1/6) at 10 p.m! .

FAVORITE Christmas Photo!!

I title this... "I ain't sittin' there" I'm not sure why I subject my kids to Santa's lap.  They clearly don't like it.  I don't remember liking it much as a kid either.  Did you??  My 3 year old daughter outright refused, and later said "Santa's not scary, he just has big muscles."  HA! I told Santa and he agreed. :)  I also like this picture because of my son's paw foot, and it looks like my husband is getting's the I'm entering this in the 2010 Holiday Photo Contest at sponsored by .  Think I got a shot??  If you have a great photo be sure to enter too! .

$8 Millie's Gift Certificate for $4 in Sugarhouse!

Um...I don't know how I missed this deal.  Thanks to My SLC Mommy for posting about it!  Screamin Daily Deals has $8 Gift Certificates to Millie's Burgers for $4! Millie's is in Sugarhouse and I happily pay full price there.  love it.. so do my .

$2/1 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa!

Red Plum has a coupon for $2/1 ANY Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa!  Sure to be FREE with or possibly without a sale.  I was able to print it twice. Thanks Sea of Savings ! .

2010 Budget Review - $305 is My Average!

I did pretty good in December.  $307.79!  My goal is $300 a month including groceries and toiletries for my little family of 4.  Only one now in diapers thankfully, I had 2 until August.  I added up my total for the year  and included the cost of newspapers  .... my average was $305!!!  (I have 2 newspaper subscriptions totaling $78/year) When I started last January my goal was $200.  I could do $200, but I choose not  I'm just not that cool.  $300 is respectable in my opinion, and somewhat easy to manage.  The months I go over are a result of meager planning efforts. Planning is really the key.  If making and keeping a budget is something you want to do this year, this is what I do: Choose a number:   I would go low just to see if you can do it.  Then adjust.  I started at $200 after being used to spending $600 to $800 a month!  $200 was too low for me though.   Choose a number that won't cause you coupon/deal stress, but will keep you reigned in.   Start clean:

$17 for $40 worth of Peeled Organic Dried Fruit Snacks!

Yeah!  Gaggle of Chicks (a daily deal site) has $40 Peeled Snacks Gift Certificates for $20!  Plus when you go through a referral link you get a $10 credit!  Shipping is not included and there is $7 Flat rate shipping.... So $17 for $40 worth!!   (If you don't go through a referral link you'll get a $5 credit) Peeled Snacks are REALLY good organic dried fruit snacks!   Go here to see the review  I did awhile ago. (although I didn't like the dried Bananas, just cuz I don't like them dried :)  The certificate is valid for one year. This is the Nationwide deal. .

What to do with Pears: Pear Butter & Pear Pie Filling

I've been extremely blessed this year to have friends and family offer me free produce.  One of my friends used Facebook to invite people over to take pears off her hands.  Well a tightwad never turns her back on free food.  But what do you do when you get pounds upon pounds of free pears?  I used them to create pie filling and pear butter - good for gifting to neighbors.  Not to mention free food, I also like to think the pears provided an afternoon of family bonding as I had my husband do the peeling and I did the slicing. A good date is one where you can talk and really become closer, so I like to believe that working together qualifies as a good date.  I'm not sure how he felt about it, but since he's not into movies anyway, and he's probably cheaper than I am, I think he would have agreed! Pear Butter So you want some recipes?  Well, like a lot of people, the internet is my friend.  My girl friend emailed me a copy of a recipe for pear butter, but in the end

Who's Your Favorite? The Frugal Free Gal

One of my new favorites is The Frugal Free Gal .   Not only does she post deals but she also has great articles!   Here are some I love: Two Items You Can Cut From Your Grocery Bill Items Worth Buying at the Dollar Store How to Create a Free Signature for Blogger There are a bunch more great ones!  Do you have a favorite blog that you want to share with us?  If so leave the name of the blog and link below.  Doesn't need to be YOUR blog, just one that you love. :)