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GIVEAWAY- Aimee's Adventures in Home Decor #1: RETRO MODERN PROJECTS - CLOSED -


Beautiful, modern affordable, and handmade: Retro Modern Projects. I first discovered this awesome shop on Etsy, one of my favorite sites. I was impressed immediately with Stacy, the shop owners unique talent and philosophy. Stacy creates Linocut block prints by hand carving and hand pulling the print. She strives to reuse and recycle everyday items into art. I love that some of the prints have coffee grounds in them. How cool is that! Retro Modern Projects art is very versatile. I could find a piece of work for every room in my house.

Stacy sent me 2 pictures from the same series "Spring Buds." Like all of her work that I viewed, they were both artist signed, numbered, and dated. I hung them in my living room and absolutely LOVE them! Stacy also sent an adorable orange owl that I am working on framing and debating whether to put in my kitchen/dining area or my little boys room. I'll keep you posted! :)

Retro Modern Projects belief is "that modern art should be affordable and attainable," her shop holds true to that. When I told one of my friends Retro Modern projects prices, she was shocked it was SO AFFORDABLE! Stacy was so wonderful to work with on this project. I received my prints quickly and packaged so nicely. If you want excellent art work in a jiffy, Stacy from Retro Modern Projects is your gal! :)

One reader will win 1 Retro Modern Projects Art Print of choice! US only

Here's how to win:

2. Fill out the form below

Additional Entries

-Go to Retro Modern Projects Etsy shop leave a comment on this post stating your favorite.  
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Giveaway will end Wednesday, September 21st at midnight MST.  Winner will be chosen by  I was given samples to review. No other compensation was received.  All opinions are my own.  Email addresses will be deleted after giveaway.  Your privacy is important.  US residents only.



JessGratz said…
PRINT - LOVE, Love, Love in Black Linoprint 8x10 on white paper

I LOVE this! My hubby and I just painted our room dark blue and are accenting with white. This would be SUPER cute on one of our walls.
Brooke said…
It is a toss up (they are all pretty sweet) but I am loving the Pink Owl or the Pink Giraffe. So sweet!
Leann said…
I love ANY of the owls... Preferably the orange one!
Rae said…
Linocut PRINT - Ocean Blue Shark linocut 8x10
bmom76 said…
I like the dark blue and white flower lino print.
Renfie said…
I love MOD Linocut art PRINT - Teal and Black Bulbs Linocut!
Janet said…
I like the linocut owl prints
nicolesender said…
I like the Lino Print 8X10 Ocean Blue Shark.
jenzen69 said…
i originally chose the ocean blue shark, but seeing someone elses post i wanted to be sure you knew i had not cheated so i pick the eggplant and white blossoming flower
jakeremom said…
I would pick the Love on Navy and teal green paper.

Kimmie Barnes
jakeremom--twitter and GFC
Leigh said…
I think the Linocut-Black and White Flowers is beautiful. I would love to hang her work in my living room.
clowens9144 at yahoo dot com
Gina said…
Love the PRINT - Black and White Flowers Linoprint 8x10
Moneezzy (: said…

I think this one is really really nice. This is one is for sure my favorite.
kworking said…
My favorite is the Linocut PRINT - Deep Blue Owl!
kworking said…
My favorite is the
Linocut PRINT - Deep Blue Owl
RaeoLight said…
This is tough I couldn't chose just one. I like this one

and this one
Teresa said…
Favorites on Etsy: Linocut Orange Bike 8 x 10 on Recycled Brown Handmade Cerealbox Paper! Beautiful!
Nicole said…
I like the PRINT - Black Linocut 8 x 10 on Light Teal Blue Japanese Cherry Blossom Paper :)
Amber said…
My favorite is the Linocut PRINT - Pink Owl 8x10 on handmade paper with coffee grounds in it
Thank you for the giveaway :)
littleolliesmom said…
my favorite is the deep blue owl print
Robert P said…
Linocut Print Black Tandum Bike 8x10

is my favorite.

Thank you for a nice contest!

happyskunky at yahoo dot com
guettel78 said…
I really love the OWL linocut PRINT - Deep Blue Owl 8x10 -- thanks!

Geoff K
Anonymous said…
love "Linocut - Black and White Flowers 8x10.
Anonymous said…
Their Linocut PRINT-Teal flower stems 8x10 on Black Paper caught my eye at Retro Modern!
Anonymous said…
Tweet Proof!!/erinxduh/status/116374651663417344
mrsweiss said…
i like the orange shoe print in her etsy!
- Epic Fail said…
Loving the LOVE, Love, Love in Black Linoprint 8x10 on white paper
Kimberly said…
Love the Bright Pink Giraffe Print
kcoud33 at gmail dot com
Julie said…
i love the Black and white beach palm tree
hebb dot julie at gmail dot com
lightlovebeing said…
I like the PRINT LOVE in white ink linoprint 8x10 on Raspberry Lama Li Paper from Nepal

kwonagain at
mary said…
my favorite is the Black and White Beach Palm Tree Linocut 8x10

marygardner49 at aol dot com

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