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NEW Mid-Jordan TRAX Line! Safety Tips & GIVEAWAY! -CLOSED-


Did you see the article in the Salt Lake Tribune today on the NEW Mid-Jordan TRAX line?  They let us bloggers try it out.  It's really nice!  You can see my husband in the dark green shirt and my daughter holding her bag. :)  I was blocked :(  Anyway...

Just prior to opening on Wednesday, August 3, the public can ride the new Mid-Jordan and West Valley lines too. UTA is partnering with the Utah Food Bank to “let food be your fare” that day; those boarding at one of the new stations will be encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item.  Rides will begin at 9:00 a.m. and both lines will offer 15-minute service for the entire day in addition to other festivities at the stations.

The new TRAX line opens on August 7th.  Here are some safety rules for kids and parents to be aware of:

·         Always expect a train is traveling down the track
·         Be alert
·         Watch for trains in both directions
·         Cross the track on at designated crossings
·         Never, never walk on the track
·         Don’t play near the tracks
·         Observe and follow all safety markings and signals

UTA is giving away a Guest Pass for 4 Passengers!  It is valid at ALL forms of UTA Transit! (Ski, TRAX, FrontRunner, Express, etc..)  Good 8/1/11 - 8/31/11 Roundtrip

Here's how to win:

1.  Leave a comment on this post stating you would be able to use it in August.
2.  Fill out the form below

Additional Entries

-Like Tight Wad in Utah on Facebook
-Follow Tight Wad in Utah on Twitter
-Subscribe to Tight Wad Emails or RSS Feed
-Tweet about giveaway - please include @tightwadinutah and link to this post.
-Facebook about giveaway - go to Facebook post about giveaway & click Share
-Follow Tight Wad in Utah on Google Friend Connect (right sidebar)

-Leave any comment on Ride UTA's on Facebook page

Giveaway will end Thursday July 28th at Midnight MST.  Winner will be chosen by  I was a given a pass, no other compensation was received.  
Opinions are my own.  I was under no obligation.  Email addresses will be discarded after giveaway.   Your privacy is important.


alcee said…
would love to ride the new trax line in august
Michelle said…
my family loves riding trax! this would be a great reason to go somewhere in august!
Skylar said…
I could use this and I would love to ride around utah in august
Hifam said…
We would be able to use this in August. We would love to ride trax downtown.
cheryloo said…
I would love to use this so i can go to and from school!
Becky said…
i would love to use this in august
Baby Mama said…
I would love to use this
Kenzie said…
I would be lazy and ride the whole two stops to the library. Maybe even go downtown or check out the hub. If I'm really brave we might even take Frontrunner just to ride.
We want to take the FrontRunner to Ogden and go to the TreeHouse Museum. I hear it's great!
Anonymous said…
We would love to win and use it!! Thanks!

Kennynicholas AT gmail DOT com
would love to use it in August!
Sheila said…
I would love to ride Trax and use it in August.
Amy said…
We would be available in august :)
Anonymous said…
Would love to ride in August. My kids would love this!
Brenda said…
I would be able to use this in August... my niece, nephew, and I are planning a trip into SLC
I would be able to use this in August, my kids would love it!
Gina said…
My sister and family could use this in August
pauline15 said…
We would love to take trax to visit the brazilian festival at the Gateway!
Jackee said…
I would be able to use it in August, there is always something fun going on. I am hoping to go to the Farmer's market in SLC a few more times this summer :)
jb8903 at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
This would be a fun thing for before school starts and we would definitely use it. Thanks!
shakenafist at yahoo dot com

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