Tight Wad in Utah: What to do with Expired Flour

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What to do with Expired Flour

I just do not bake as much as I used to, so now I have flour that is expiring.  Yes I'm sure I used coupons to get the flour in the first place, but I can't just toss it.

Here are some great ways of using expired flour.  Some of these would even make great gifts!  I'm thinking of making a flour craft kit...good idea??  I'll post if I do.  This way my kids will have something better to do than helping each other crash head first onto our couch...sheesh

Kool Aid Play Dough

Oven Flour Clay Recipe

Colored Flour Paste

Squeezable Homemade Finger Paint
Thank you Money Saving Mom for introducing me to this cool blog!

Non-toxic Paste

Fill up balloons with flour to make stress balls - Thanks Penny!

Sifted Flour Lawn Stars by Pink and Green Mama - so cool!  Fun for the 4th of July that my 3 yr old can do! Thanks Cher!
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Penny W said...

My mom used to fill balloons with flour for us. It was oddly pleasing to squish them. Kinda like those stress reliever things you can buy now. If you squished it between your fingers, you could feel the grains of flour. We enjoyed them.

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

That's a great idea!! Who doesn't need a stress ball these days :)

Cher said...

I just saw a blog that used flour to make stars all over their yard for the 4th. Get apiece of cardboard and cut out a star template use a sifter fill in with flour. I am going to do that with the kids this weekend! Happy safe 4th!!.

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

That's a great one Cher!! I'm going to update my post! :) Thank you!

Yona said...

The flour stars on the lawn look really nice. I would have never thought of something like this.

Alicia C. said...

I love the stenciling! And the Kool Aid play dough is going to be a must on our list for activities next week!

THANK YOU for making our summer a little more fun!

Faith said...

My suggestion is salt dough... you can use it for children to play with and you can make models out of it, as well as making mouldings of your childrens hands/feet to keep as momentos... to think all these kinds of things usually cost a fortune in the shops and you can make them at home for next to nothing and save wasting out of date products all at the same time! :) Have fun! ;>