Tight Wad in Utah: Our Dream Machine! :) - you can win one!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Dream Machine! :) - you can win one!

This is our Dream Machine from Build A Dream Playhouse!!  Cute right?  Putting this car together was so much easier than I thought it would be.  The only hard part was keeping my children out of it for that long. :)  punks.  The directions were simple to follow and once you figured out step 1, the rest went smoothly.

It will be easy to take apart and then put back together if we want to store it for a season.  If you don't want to put anything together you can get the Pop n' Play Kitchen or Castle!  Also the fact that my 2 yr old hasn't destroyed it yet is a testament to it's durability.  I'm very happy with it!!

It's in our living room for now. They put their little chairs in it and watch tv through the  Needless to say, they love it!!  It will also be a great deck toy for us, assuming it stops raining here for awhile.   :):)

If you want to win a playhouse of your choice enter the giveaway!  It ends on 6/14.
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