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Get Prepared for an Emergency at Staples for CHEAP or FREE!

UPDATE: I found the $3 off coupon again!

I just barely made it to Staples.  I hope you printed off the $3 coupon I posted about the other day, because I can no longer find it. :(  If you have it, make sure you use it by the 11th!  They have tons of items for $1.  You can also get a 24 pack of water for $3.99 so $.99!!  And since most people don't have enough water stored to sustain them in an emergency this is a great way to start or continue your storing efforts! (above picture was taken at the SLC store today, so hopefully your store is stocked too!)

They also have ponchos and mini first aid kids for $1.  So if you need to spruce up your Bug Out Bags (72 Hour Kits), this is a cheap way to do it!!  I got the above items and more for FREE by using my Staples Rewards and the $3 off coupon.