Tight Wad in Utah: Emergency Essentials: $40 in FREE Gift Cards for Bloggers!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Emergency Essentials: $40 in FREE Gift Cards for Bloggers!

If you have any kind of blog you can get up to $40 in Emergency Essential Gift Cards!  Here's how:

Add the Preparedness Pantry Button to your blog = $10 GC

Post on your blog a review of the Food Storage Analyzer = $10 GC

Submit a Guest post on a food storage related topic = $20 GC

I've already done the first 2 and received $20 in Emergency Essential Gift Cards.
I got the above for $6!  If you don't have a store near you, you can buy online as well.

A lot of products have a 30 year shelf life - would even make a great gift!!  It's not to hard to imagine an emergency hitting us.  Earthquake, job loss, etc etc etc.
Now is a great time to get ready, especially if we have people (kids) depending on us to be.  Looking at my kids always gives me motivation. :)
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Emergency Essentials® said...

We noticed that you had posted this on Facebook and wanted to let you know that there is an additional $10 gift card that you can get by posting our Food Storage Analyzer button on your blog. All of the information for that $10 gift card giveaway is listed on our blog here:

We are glad you are enjoying the items you were able to get with your gift cards!