Tight Wad in Utah: CUTE Crocheted Booties for $3 shipped! -SOLD OUT

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CUTE Crocheted Booties for $3 shipped! -SOLD OUT

UPDATE: you need to be a VIP member to get this deal, which is $7.99/month (suddenly not so exciting)

What the!!  You can get ADORABLE crocheted booties for $3!!  Heartsy has a $20 My Crochet Valley Credit for $8!  You get a $5 credit when you sign up! There are only 4 vouchers left though so hurry if you want them!  Most booties are $15 and shipping is $5 (credit can be used towards it!)  These actually look like they would stay on! lol

Click on All Deals and scroll down to see My Crochet Valley (sold out)

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Ashley said...

It is a VIP Exclusive deal though, so you'd have to spend 7.99 to be a VIP first. I LOVE Heartsy though, it's my newest obsession!

Audrey @ Tight Wad in Utah said...

Yep...just found out...darn! I love Heartsy too! Great place to have a $5 credit!!

Ashley said...

I know, I SO wanted to buy this deal, but I saw that it was VIP only this morning. I hate that! The really fun ones seem to be VIP a lot of times!