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Ways to Save Money (and be Green!) in the Kitchen (Guest Post)

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  My daughter and I love cooking, and since it’s often just the two of us we spend a lot of time eating in there as well.  As with anything, where you spend a lot of time can also be where you spend a lot of money.  Here are some of the ways I save money in the kitchen:

Go Meatless:  Even if it’s only for one day each week, going meatless not only saves you money, but it’s better for you!  There are so many great recipes out there, you’re sure to find plenty that you love – who knows, you may be inspired to go meatless more often!

Cook From Scratch:  I used to think those box meals were real time savers.  However, once I started cooking most of my meals from scratch, I realized that they aren’t.  They may save you 5 minutes, but that’s about it!  By cooking from scratch you also have better control over what goes in your food.  You can cut out extra salt, meat, fat – whatever you’re looking to limit.  I collect a list of recipes I like throughout the week, and then spend a little time on Sunday making a meal plan for the week.  I do a lot of casseroles and one-dish meals, freezing half, so I have something easy for days I don’t feel like cooking.  I also cook my own beans, sprouts, and rice – it’s very easy, and doesn’t take much time! 

Throw out the Napkins and Paper Towels:  At our house, we use cloth napkins unless we’re having a lot of people over.  Cloth napkins are inexpensive (or you can easily make your own) and you can just throw them in the wash when you’re doing a load of clothes.  We also don’t buy paper towels anymore.  We have a basket of rags for cleaning up messes, and I use my E-clothes for daily cleaning.

Use Small Appliances as Much as Possible:  In our kitchen, our toaster oven and Instant Pot get the most use.  They don’t use a lot of energy, and they don’t heat up the kitchen.  I use the stove-top as well, but the actual oven sees very little use, mainly only when we’re having people over for dinner and are cooking a lot of items at once. 

Kick the Bottled Water Habit:  Invest in a good filter and stop buying bottled water!  Those plastic bottles are incredibly bad for the environment, and you’ll save money in the long run using filtered water.  Plus, a lot of bottled water isn’t any better than the stuff coming out of your tap! 

Grow Your Own Veggies:  This is a great way to get your children interested in eating vegetables too!  Start small, then expand as your confidence grows.  We grow our own herbs, and I love going out and cutting fresh herbs for my meals! 

I hope these tips help you save money and go green in your kitchen!  -April at Frugally Green Mom


Anonymous said…
i'm lovin' all these "going green" tips. thanks!
Anonymous said…
plastic from the bottles can cause hormone problems