Tight Wad in Utah: Print or Not to Print...That is the Question (Guest Post)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Print or Not to Print...That is the Question (Guest Post)

This is a Guest Post from Jodi at MySLCMommy about why you should print coupons! You see people saying not to and she tells you why she feels you should.  You can find her on Facebook here--she also has some fun Giveaways you can enter!
So many people think printing coupons is a waste of time, ink, and paper. What do you think? Here is a run down of what I think (and why!)
1.) Printing coupons allows you to CHOOSE your savings! You can print JUST what you need!
2.) Companys are putting high dollar or B1G1 FREE coupons out there for print!
3.) Almost every company has a FB page or a website that they load with coupons!
4.) Most coupons that you get from the paper are NOT free (you have to buy the paper) and you are limited to how many you buy! I know people who have three computers, so they can print most coupons up to 6 times!
5.) You are basically printing MONEY! I see coupons as MONEY!
6.) You can print more then just GROCERY coupons.  Don't forget about Retail Restaurant coupons!
*If you have an inkjet printer, I suggest you print in grey scale (to save on ink) and I suggest using a laser printer (that's what I personally use) as you can print up to 1000 pages for less then $30! Let us know your thoughts about printing coupons!

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Michelle Saunderson said...

I print out coupons I know I will most likely use. I am printing out 100's of dollars worth of coupons per ink cartridge, so it is worth it. I have been getting my printing paper from free or almost free at Staples when they have rebates.

Jackie said...

I agree that it is worth printing out the coupons if you have stores that will accept them. Unfortunately for me, our local stores have quit accepting internet coupons. I would suggest checking to be sure the stores you shop still accept coupons printed from the internet.