Tight Wad in Utah: Many Fun Things to do with Easter Eggs! (Guest Post)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many Fun Things to do with Easter Eggs! (Guest Post)

Hello, my name is Tori and I am here with a guest post.  I am from Learning to be Thrifty.  I am a working mommy who loves a good deal, that is where my blog comes in.  It is a little bit of everything, mainly I bring good deals and good products to my viewers.  Also as a teacher I do sneak in a few art projects and learning experiences for good measure, like February's homemade heart crayons and March's tie dye shamrocks, be on the look out for paper bag bunnies coming soon!!

     Today I want to talk about Easter Eggs!! There are so many fun things to do with Easter eggs and I want to share a few of my favorites. 

     First lets talk about filling eggs.  We all love a good candy stuffed egg, but have you ever thought of using other food items for younger children or even for older just to shave off a bit of the sugar buzz?  I know my little one would love a cheerio filled egg, other snacks for eggs could include, raisins, goldfish, and trail mix. 
Another fun egg filler option is to go for the non food items.  This year I filled several of my eggs for the hunt with stickers and silly bands.  check out the article to learn more ways to go beyond the sugar buzz to fill Easter Eggs.  Non food fillers are also great because these can be done in advance without worrying about the candy spoiling.  

     Another of my favorite thing to do with Easter Eggs is use them in my classroom as an educational tool.   The possibilities are endless it is so much fun to make eggs educational.  Stuff eggs with math problems, sight words, or coins to count after the kids hunt the eggs even the most boring math problem will be more exciting.. Put pairs of rhyming words in the eggs and have students make matches after hunting them this requires team work from the students as they have to work together to make the matches.  Number the eggs and have students put them in order.  Most concepts can be turned into an egg activity.  I recently even created a lesson plan on fractions using twelve plastic eggs and an egg carton.

     I also love to put a spin on the traditional egg hunt.  A scavenger hunt for eggs can be very exciting for older children.  Each egg holds a clue to where the last egg is hidden, until the last egg the treasure egg is found.   Eggs can contain puzzle pieces so after the hunt is over the puzzle can be put together.  I did this one time and we quickly realized we were missing a piece so back to the hunting we went to find that missing egg.  When hunting with a small group of children of varying abilities eggs can be color coded and hidden based on needs.  In this hunt each child would have a color egg to hunt for and would only pick up their eggs. 

     I very much enjoy all the fun that surrounds this holiday.  I have created an ongoing link of Easter activities on my blog.  Please fill free to come get some great ideas as well as share your own  Easter fun, I am always looking for new activities. 

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Katie said...

We recently went to a local daycares egg hunt (they do it a few weeks before so families can be with family on weekend of Easter). They filled all of their eggs with cool prizes instead of candy. She said that way she can fill eggs throughout the year and nothing goes bad.
She picks up stuff at after holiday sales (Christmas,Valentines, Easter, Halloween) and watches for clearance on party favor items. My son got eggs with tiny puzzles, card games, bubbles, silly bands, yo-yo's, jumping frogs, growing beans, and erasers in them. He loved the stuff!

Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing!