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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do You Thred Up? Swapping Kids Clothes for FREE

Guest post by Heather, from Savvy Sister Shops:

Clothes swapping for kids is nothing new, our mothers &
grandmothers have been doing it for years! With the addition of
technology fueled by need: a down economy- there have been some
exciting new twists come our way!

Thred Up
is one of the new ways to "swap" clothes online. It's easy and
convenient. I want to show you how to use Thred Up and really get the
most for your money! (Translation: No money needed!)
A lot of you probably grabbed the Thred Up deal
when you could get a box of clothes for just $1 through Deal
. I know I did! Even if you missed that chance (it was
available for just one day)- don't worry! There are still ways for you
to get your box of clothes for next to nothing or possibly FREE!

As soon as you sign up for a Thred Up account, you get an instant
$5 credit. Easy, right? Then, if your friend signs up for Thred Up on
your invitation, she get a $5 credit and you get an additional $5
credit. That's an easy $10 credit right there. You can also earn more
$4 credits when you list boxes on Thred Up in sizes that are low in
inventory. Here's how:
Just click on the green 'Build A Box' tab once you're inside
your Thred Up account. Then, choose the colors and seasons of the
clothes that will make up your box. (That's why the picture above has
symbols of the 4 seasons inside, I mixed it up a bit!)

I picked out a box for my daughter to have, and then listed a box to
give away. Did I mention that Thred Up will send you FREE boxes, too?
They do! Watch for a pack of 10 boxes to arrive on your doorstep once
you sign up for a Thred Up account. The more details you write about
your box of clothes to swap, the better. Some people even take
pictures and list them on their Photobucket page or other secure photo
pages. That's always a plus!

I tried to pick out the nicest clothes to swap. (My children have
grandmothers that buy name brands, so this was easy.) Be sure you
don't send junk! The receiver rates the box you send, and you will
need to score at least 3 stars in order to earn your $4 credit. (Plus,
it's just not a nice thing to do.)

It worked! My box was only listed for one day and it was
picked! I got the email message above, and prepared to ship my box of
clothes away!

Thred Up has thought of everything! Just follow the directions
and print the prepaid label to tape onto your box. You will also print
a packing sheet. You will need to sign the form stating that you did
not send a box of clothes that are stained, ripped, with holes, or
faded. Easy enough! Your box will be tracked by USPS. USPS picked up
my box right at my house! I was impressed with the entire process!

When your box is received, the lady on the other end will be sent an
email message asking her to rate the box. She just needs to click
through the link and give you at least a 3 star rating (best is 4
stars) in order for you to earn an extra $4 credit! You will also be
rated on style points, up to 10. Another reason to send the nicest
clothes that your kids have outgrown.

Each box of clothes at Thred Up is $15.95, so Sign up for Thred
=$5 credit, Invite a friend to Thred Up=$5 credit, and List a
box=$4 credit. If you are able to accomplish these 3 tasks, you will
already have $14 in credits! Your next box of clothes is just $1.95!
Even better if you can invite more friends, they will get a $5 credit
and you will get a $5 credit for each friend that signs up! Then, you
will be getting a FREE clothes swapping service without ever having to
leave the house!

Have you used Thred Up? Did you enjoy it? Please leave a comment
and please visit Savvy Sister Shops (that's where I blog), I'd love
to hear from you!
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