Tight Wad in Utah: Review: Educational Toys Planet - Monster Bowling!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review: Educational Toys Planet - Monster Bowling!

This is seriously the cutest bowling set I've ever seen!  It's from Melissa and Doug and you can find it at Educational Toys Planet.  This is a great game for helping to develop coordination and strengthen muscle growth.

My kids absolutely love Monster Bowling!  My 3 year old loved knocking them down,

and my 18 month old would set them up and then clap for  Anything that keeps them occupied together for more than 15 minutes is a winner in my book. :)  Educational Toys Planet has all kinds of toys and games that you can find under different categories.  Monster Bowling is found under Motor Skills.
They have Math Toys, Pretend Play, Music Toys...etc.  Great place to find toys that your children will love!
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Karla said...

Funny and cute!