Tight Wad in Utah: Other Uses for Coffee Creamer + FREE Coupon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Other Uses for Coffee Creamer + FREE Coupon!

Vocalpoint is offering a FREE pint of Breve Creme Coffee Creamer to members!  Enter your zip code to see if you qualify.  Takes 5-7 weeks for delivery.
Up to $3 in value.  If your not a member yet sign up here.  I don't drink coffee but I've learned of some other ways to use it:

Flavored Whipped Topping:  Mix two parts creamer to one part cold milk.  Add a little sugar and vanilla.  Whip until stiff.

Replacement for milk in recipes:  5 t of creamer and 1 cup of water.  Less calories!!

Anybody tried this???  I haven't, but I will when I get my FREE bottle. :)
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Anonymous said...

i use creamer on my cereal if i'm out of milk (sounds weird, i know). I also substitute it for milk in recipes. I've heard its yummy to put on fresh fruit for a snack- like peaches and cream{er} :) Thanks for the tip on whipped topping