Tight Wad in Utah: My 10 days at Bikram Yoga

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My 10 days at Bikram Yoga

I bought a 10 consecutive day pass to Bikram Yoga in SLC for $20!  My 10 days are up today.  I went 8 out of 10 days and I lost 3 pounds.  I also feel really good and happy that I could do it.  I'm mostly impressed with how many days I went to the 6am class!  I said in my previous post about Bikram that the room stinks...I got used to it!   Thought it was impossible, but the last few classes I didn't even notice a smell.....weird...  I would recommend Bikram Yoga to anyone that wants to detox through sweating and improve their strength and flexibility.  Losing some weight is always nice too. :)

If your at all interested you can enter to win a 5 day Pass to Bikram Yoga in SLC!  Near a TCBY....just sayin'. :)

Also Aimee is only 10 days into her 30 day challenge so watch for her progress on the Bikram Yoga SLC Facebook page.  Find a Bikram location near you.
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