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Am I a Circle of Moms Favorite?? No :)

Tight Wad in Utah is now on Circle of Moms.  Right now they are promoting Money-Saving Moms and I have 2 votes. :):)  One of which was from me......okay...they are both from
I would love it if you went to Circle of Moms and clicked on the yellow thumb to vote for me.  I'm hoping to double my numbers by
You can vote once per day.  Thank you!!


Jessi said…
Done I love your site it is one of my favorites :)
Thank you Jessi! I'm so glad!
maryjaco1 said…
I voted. You may want to mention to click a little yellow button for voting.
Thank you for all your work for this site.Your blog is where I go for LE contests.
Good luck if there is a prize.

Thanks Mary! I made that more clear. :) No prize that I know of. Just recognition on their website. Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
Audrey, when I went to the website, my antivirus said they quarantined a trojan virus. Are you sure the site is safe?

kristen said…
voted! you're one of my favs!
Susan said…
voted for you - I appreciate your site!
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!

Carrie - As far as I know the site is safe. I go there all the time.