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Review: 30 Day Challenge SLC Bikram Yoga: Week 1

Dedicated on a Snowy Saturday Morning

Surprisingly, I can't believe my first week is done. Only 23 days left of my 30 day Challenge! :) Am I enjoying this? You bet! Before my first class, even though I had taken some classes a couple of years ago, I was very nervous. I was worried about the heat, not being able to keep up, etc. I ended up doing just fine and have felt myself actually enjoying my classes now. :) Greg, one of the directors and instructors of SLC Bikram, told me that 5 classes is the general rule to feeling the groove of Bikram yoga. If you give up after one class you will probably hate it and miss out on a really cool way to workout and improve your health. For me, I have felt my body get stronger, more flexible and more energetic. I think having a class everyday has helped my body get used to the heat, the poses, and understand more what the instructors are trying to say to fine-tune my experience.

I did feel a little tired at first. Maybe it's the early mornings I've been so unaccustomed to? Now, only after a week, the 6am class I took this morning has left me energized and ready to go. It's nice to get up, have a great workout and cleanse like the dickens! During class you seriously sweat till you are absolutely drenched. You are so wet it's like you showered in your clothes! lol! This means I definitely take a lot more showers lately. ;) They do have showers available there if you need one right away. But it looks like you have to get to it fast before someone else does. I think there's only one shower for the men's dressing room, and another one for the women's. I'll have to double check that.
Those familiar with yoga say to come with an empty stomach, leaving at least 2 hours for digestion before class. Oh boy do I know now why. So, I'm not sure if any of you have looked at my facebook postings on SLC Bikram's Facebook page, but I had some delicious Indian food one night and had an hour to digest before class; not enough digestion time! Ewwww! It was my most nauseating class. I still pushed through and had a great class despite feeling sick. Class unfortunately wasn't as enjoyable as usual.

How else do you survive a first class? Here are 4 suggestions: #1 BREATHE, in and out through the nose. Calm your mind and be in the moment. #2 Focus on you. This is one of the only times you can, and should. Don't worry about the girl in front with the crazy strong body, or the guy who is dripping sweat like a running faucet beside you. Let go of distractions and be one with your body. #3 Listen to the voice of your instructor. He or she has the main keys to a good class. They will point you in the direction you are aiming for. Don't expect to be perfect, although you can aim for it. Each teacher has something different to offer. I have felt each teacher give me different tools to better my yoga practice. That's just another reason to go to more than one class. :) #4 Choose to have a good attitude. A good class is generally how you choose to view and participate within it.

It does help to have a buddy or 2 to come to class with. I roped Audrey into coming. She has had a wonderful experience as well. She has come with me everyday! She used the $20 introduction deal for 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga. My friend Lyric came with us today and will be coming more frequently. I am so grateful for their support! So why don't you get some friends together and come try it out. if you like it and give yourself an honest shot, you will find a new way to help improve your life and health.

Bikram Choudhury, the founder, says this:
"Never too bad, never too old, never too late, and never too sick to start from scratch once again."

A good reminder on those days we feel like we've had enough, to make each day a fresh start and go with where you're at. Everyday is different and offers new possibilities. Yoga is a humbling experience that has taught me, and continues to teach me, that some days you feel like superwoman, and others like your just making it through. Finding joy in the journey will help any circumstance. It has definitely helped my yoga practice.
Check out our giveaway from SLC Bikram later today! This is for local Salt Lake City residents only. Don't let this discourage you from finding a Bikram studio near you. If you have questions or comments please let me know. Thanks for reading :)



Veronica said…
I wish I was closer to you guys to enjoy this with you! HOW FUN!!!

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