Tight Wad in Utah: Imagination Box Co. Review + 20% off Coupon Code!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Imagination Box Co. Review + 20% off Coupon Code!


I love these!  Imagination Box Co. sells award winning, environmentally friendly, creative toys.  Not only is your child busy painting/coloring it, when it's done your child can play with it!  Your able to paint/color the inside as well!  I received a cottage to review.  It came looking like this:

There are easy instructions and washable watercolors.  I'm not the best at putting things together and just prefer to make my husband do it.  But I thought me doing it would be a good test to how easy it is.  It took me a few minutes, but I DID IT!

You can tell from the picture that my daughter adores it.  She even hugged it. lol  I love how the windows and doors are big enough that your able to see what's inside and play.  I'll have to open it back up (easy) so that we can first paint the inside.

Imagination Box Co. also has a country barn, firehouse, castle tower, and a schoolhouse!  Prices start at $15.95.  And for $15 you can get a blank house to do your own thing on.
Until March 2nd you can use coupon code Tightwad to get 20% off!!
Check out their website for lots of pictures of done paintable toys.  These are really bigger than you'd think!

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