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I went to Sweat Yoga! Bikram Yoga :)

I've been going with Aimee to Bikram Yoga.  I've been five times now (going EVERY day! even in the morning sometimes!!  I took a vow to never exercise in the morning because I hate it - I think going anyway means I'm maturing.. lol)

I was told by my husband and even the teachers that I would hate the first time.  I thought I would too since the room is heated to 100ish degrees, BUT I actually really liked it!  Probably because with the buckets of sweat flowing out of me I really felt like I was cleansing my insides.  Knowing it's doing good helps me push through.  In my opinion normal yoga classes are much harder (posture wise) but the heat makes even simple moves hard.   I've since learned that I need to only sip water and breath in and out with my nose.  Those two things have helped A LOT!
They have an introductory rate for newcomers - 10 consecutive days unlimited classes for $20!  That's what I'm doing, and I'm halfway through it.  I feel myself improving each time and I'm loving it!  I also love the fact that I come out of there SOAKING WET!  :):)  The room stinks (although I don't notice it much now) and the ceiling fans in the room are just to taunt,  no...they turn them on at the end. :)

Aimee is doing the 30 day challenge, meaning she goes EVERY DAY for 30 days!
If she misses a day she doubles up on another day.  She is posting daily on Bikram Yoga's Facebook page.  Check it out and see how she's doing. (click on the Everyone tab to see her posts if you can't see them.)

Aimee will also post here every Monday.  Watch out this monday for a Bikram Yoga Giveaway!!


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